A recent announcement has sent waves through the entertainment industry, as Dharma Cornerstone Agency (DCA), a powerhouse founded by the dynamic duo of Karan Johar and Bunty Sajdeh, has welcomed a new addition to its prestigious talent lineup. Orhan Awatramani, affectionately known as Orry within the digital landscape, has officially joined forces with DCA, marking his transition into the realm of celebrity management.

Karan Johar owned Dharma Cornerstone Agency brings Orry

Strengthening Influencer Marketing Portfolio

The partnership between DCA and Orry signifies a strategic move aimed at fortifying DCA’s already impressive influencer marketing portfolio. With Orry’s unparalleled brand presence and significant influence in the digital sphere, this collaboration is poised to inject fresh energy and diversity into DCA’s array of services.

A Milestone Moment

Orry himself has expressed immense enthusiasm about the collaboration, recognising it as a pivotal milestone in both his personal and professional journey. Eager to embark on this exciting new chapter alongside industry stalwarts like Karan Johar and the esteemed team at DCA, Orry is committed to pushing boundaries, challenging stereotypes, and carving out meaningful opportunities across various domains.

Warm Welcome at DCA

Kim Sharma, EVP of New Media at DCA, echoed Orry’s sentiments, extending a warm welcome to him within the DCA family. Sharma commended Orry for embodying the essence of the modern influencer, with his unparalleled creativity and forward-thinking approach. She emphasised how Orry’s inclusion further solidifies DCA’s position as a leader in influencer marketing while instilling trust and confidence within the industry.

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Expanding Influence Beyond Digital Space

Orry’s decision to align himself with DCA represents a strategic manoeuvre aimed at expanding his influence beyond the confines of the digital realm. Armed with a unique blend of creativity, authenticity, and market acumen, Orry is poised to redefine the landscape of celebrity management.

DCA welcomes Orry

The company is quick to highlight Orry’s potential to inject a fresh perspective into the industry, thanks to his innovative thinking and keen market insights. As Orry embarks on this transformative journey, fans can eagerly anticipate a plethora of groundbreaking collaborations, innovative projects, and unparalleled creativity, all of which are set to leave an indelible mark on the ever-evolving entertainment landscape.