With a staggering 2.7 million Instagram followers and 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube, the Funcho gang is known for its entertaining content centred around trending topics and relatable everyday emotions. Dhruv and Shyaam yet again made their fans and followers laugh out loud with their uniquely hilarious videos, especially their collaborations.

India and cricket is a match made in heaven. We have all grown up watching iconic Indian cricketers create history. When the news of India hosting the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 broke out, there was a nationwide cheer. ICC collaborated with Meta to engage with over 500 Content Creators for this World Cup season. Funcho were one of them. They have made their love for cricket quite evident through their content so it was no surprise that they were a part of this campaign.

funcho dhruv and shyaam icc men's cricket world cup 2023 india cricket

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Cricket & Social Media

As much as the viewers enjoy watching players on the field, they also revel in watching them create content on social media as it somehow humanises them for the masses who constantly idolise them. The social platforms have definitely brought fans way closer to their favourite celebrities across industries, both Indian as well as International.

And when you talk about social media, you can’t help but talk about content creators and influencers. ICC recognised the unique combination of bringing creators and cricketers together to reach a wider audience and foster a love for the sport. Everyone’s feed was filled with cricket content for these past 2 months. This strategy by ICC was clearly a hit.

Let’s take you through the creatively engaging and rib-tickling content of the Funcho boys created in collaboration with some of the ace World Cup teams:

Funcho ft. Hardik

They creators onto the ‘Farq Hai’ trend from two months ago with a twist. Here, they are seen trying to set a match with Hardik Pandya. When asked if they wish to bat or bowl, Shyaam suggested they do a toss and Hardik did what a normal person would do – flip a coin while the Funcho boys went the gully cricket route. It was quite amusing to watch Hardik’s and the boys’ reactions.

Funcho ft. The Kiwis

This video was a complete PJ ride. Dhruv and Shyaam crack lame jokes around the New Zealand team players. the comments claim this is what led to them losing the match against Team India, lol.

Funcho ft. Netherlands

The one thing Indians love doing when foreigners visit the country is to teach them funny words in Hindi. That’s exactly what the Funcho boys did with the Netherlands team. The players know all the local Mumbaiyya terms now.

Funcho ft. South Africa

The creators were spotted coaching the South African team on their gameplay. When asked what should be the team’s batting and bowling strategy, the Funcho boys used childish tactics to determine them.

Funcho ft. SKY

The Funcho boys wanted to work on their upper body and they asked their gym instructor for a desi way to build it. He suggests doing Surya Namaskars every day. The boys are then spotted stretching while doing the ‘namaskar‘ gesture in front of Team India’s Suryakumar Yadav. Word play, much?

Funcho ft. Rabada

Dhruv and Shyaam thought they would teach Kagiso Rabada some tips to travel in the Mumbai local but instead, they got schooled by him who already knew them. Watch till the end for a surprise!

Wasn’t that an entertaining bunch of content? The humour might not be intellectual but it definitely makes you laugh. And Funcho boys sure know how to do that well!