Facebook introduces a new dynamic tool on July 28, 2021, to help businesses ideate campaigns, Campaign Ideas Generator. According to Facebook for Business, “The Campaign Ideas Generator provides campaign ideas, pre-made assets and resources that are specific to your small business needs.”

Source: Facebook for Business

Ready to Go Ads

Facebook is currently testing “Ready to Go Ads” in regards to eCommerce, Retail & Consumer Product Goods. With the help of this upcoming feature, you will be able to copy recommended images in your ads. As stated by Facebook for Business, “Ready to Go Ads include pre-made images and copy designed as a starting point for those who want to hit the ground running but maybe don’t have the bandwidth to build content or resources on their own.”

Organic Post Pack

To keep your business page engaged when there’s no ad, Organic Post Pack is included in the Campaign Ideas Generator. Quoting Facebook for Business, “We created this content because organic posts are a great way to stay connected to your customers, and you can use them to communicate with followers, loop them in with important updates and share what makes your business special.”

Source: Facebook for Business

Get Started with Campaign Ideas Generator

To operate Campaign Ideas Generator, firstly, you need to select your business type. Based on what your business needs, the dynamic tool will recommend campaign ideas, insights, data, and resources.

The tool also reduces blockers and comes up with content that you can swiftly use. Pro-tip, choosing any upcoming holiday will give your more precise content. So, for simple and quick strategies with creative tools for creating your content, hop onto using Campaign Ideas Generator. For more information, tap HERE!