Dolly Singh is one of the most renowned content creators in the digital media. Be it her short or long format content in the form of reels, IGTVs or pictures (photo dumps), she slays in all of them. Her series on IGTV is thought provoking and mind broadening. From the mediums of her script to acting, including the editing, she doesn’t fail to put her point across in the most creative ways. And, today we are talking about one such short film titled, ‘Aunty, Prem Hai?’. It features Harshit Sharma and her as the actors. So let us see what she has in store for us today, shall we?

An eye-opening story that preaches equality, respect and most importantly, value of relationships. The character of Prem’s mom is portrayed by Dolly and that of Lakshay by Harshit. This is one such film that will give you a tingling feeling and happy ending. It also highlights how parents could take their time in understanding what one is going through (Dolly sits silently with a cup of tea in her hand) but once they do, they radiate the positive energy of understanding and might also help you with their wise insight just like the one Dolly gave Lakshay.

Watch this movie to discover a journey that will lead you to the peak of a successful storytelling and mind blowing script! And if it helps you grow through the journey, I hope you help this movie reach maximum eyes because this is one story worth telling. Tap and watch right away!

The ending blew your mind, didn’t it? What a rewarding piece of content! I’m in an absolute awe and a fan. I love how we saw Dolly’s character to be understanding towards a gay couple. She not only exceeded one’s expectations through the story but also went against her son and gave Lakshay a much-needed advice. I’m blown away and I hope you are, too. Give the film the much deserved love and support! And until my pen writes more for you, here’s another article on short films that you should check out right away by tapping HERE!