YouTube has made new additions to its interface. In latest reports YouTube has officially announced Live Polls for all the YouTube creators. Neal Mohan (@nealmohan) the Chief Product Officer of YouTube confirmed the news in his tweet thereby making the launch official.

Conor Kavanagh (from the YouTube channel Creator Inside) in one of his video says: Last year, we introduced Trailers which enable creators to add a 15-second to 3-minute clip to the upcoming or scheduled page of a Premiere. Now we’re delighted to announce that trailers are now available for upcoming and scheduled live-streams.

The live polls are YouTube’s way to increase engagement between the creator and the live audience in the chat section during a live stream.

Live Polls
Source: Social Media Today

Streamers can set up a live poll from the chat window, where they can add up to four poll options to choose from. Live Polls were earlier to gaming creators but now they are accessible to all the streamers. While live polls are a great addition, it is important to note that they won’t show up in live chat replays. Meaning they exist only during an ongoing live stream.

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