Social Nation is back, this time with a video podcast series – The Social Nation Show. Streaming on Spotify, the podcast is produced by the best in the business: Pod.One. The Social Nation Show brings you the stories behind India’s most popular content creators. We dive into their personal and professional lives to present the most authentic version of the Indian creator economy. For our fourth episode, we have the creator and actor supreme: Dolly Singh!

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Episode 04

So far you got to know Dharna Durga, RJ Princy and Srishti Garg on a deeper level on The Social Nation Show. Next up we have the widely loved creator-actor, Dolly Singh! While we love her hilarious content, how interesting would it be to know more about her world? We’ve got you covered!

In this episode, Dolly shares her inspiring journey from humble beginnings as a fashion blogger to becoming a successful actor. Discover her favourite fashion choices, her closest female friendships, and what the future holds for her through our podcast. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or a comedy lover, this episode has something for everyone!

The Fashionista

Ever since she started her fashion blog ‘Spill The Sass,’ Dolly has always wowed us with her experimental styles. When asked who her fashion inspiration is, she mentioned Alexa Chung. “She’s just been an idol for a long time. She’s also skinny and I feel in fashion especially you need your representation, you need to look at someone who looks like you. And then you can see that ‘if it looks good on her, it’ll look good on me.’

She feels social media has done this wonderful thing where everything is beautiful now, everything is aesthetic. “Even your mother’s bangles are aesthetic, things that you were cringing on back in the day or it was classist in a form, everything is just beautiful now. If it works for you, it works for you.”

Dolly shared how she used to hate wearing Indianwear while growing up. Shocking, right? Since she pulls off Indian outfits like a pro! “But I love it now!” assured the creator. “As a kid, I hated it I would just want to wear jeans and tops but now I love to experiment with sarees and suit-salwars. I love a ‘paraandi’ in the hair. I think that’s such a beautiful fashionable touch to have,” added Singh.

The South Delhi-fication of Dolly

How would you react if we told you that Dolly Singh actually struggled to be Chanayi, the iconic “South Delhi Girl?” Since she was not from Delhi, she didn’t know what a ‘South Delhi Girl‘ was supposed to be. So, she did her own research to build that character up by observing those girls and getting material.

“I had gone to Emporio Mall once and all I saw were these women who had their faces done so well with makeup, and hair in place. They had a nanny who was carrying the bags and the baby. That’s where I got the idea of having a ‘Sunita’ I felt I have to have a person who’s in charge of my life!” she shared.

The Importance Of Female Friendships

Can I just imagine a world with women, no men around?” quips Dolly when asked about the impact of female friendships in her life. Growing up her ideas of feminism were very misogynistic. “I was bullied. Then I would judge people like ‘what is she wearing?’ I also came with the whole baggage of women can never be friends I’ll make friends with boys. Then I came to this city and of course, you read up, you see social media, you watch movies, you learn so much. Now, I’m a hardcore feminist,” revealed Dolly.

Dolly On Finding Her Bestie In Komal

I never had amazing female friends but I think Komal [Pandey] was definitely one of the firsts. We met when we were nothing, we didn’t have enough money to even buy a coffee! I think both of us really found that passion in each other and we could share it. She loved fashion, I love fashion and that’s how it bloomed. We’ve built this whole thing together and I feel so proud of her. She just finished her house and I was feeling so giddy and emotional looking at how far she’s come! Also, the fact that she’s in the same industry also really helps.”

The First Time On Set

We asked Dolly Singh if working on ‘Thank You For Coming’ was an intimidating experience, to which she revealed that she was actually nervous on the sets of Netflix‘s Bhaag Beenie Bhaag. “That’s where I kind of stumbled because I was not used to having 200 people on the set. It was so out of my comfort zone and I do remember really badly messing it upon the first day. I caught on and understood how things work. Of course, I wasn’t good in that show but I’m learning, it’s a process. I want to learn acting and get more into it,” said the actor.

She added that it is intimidating to act with actors who are real-time actors. “…but they’ve also been super open to teaching you, open to your own process of how you want to deal with this and how you want to learn it. It’s been really nice that way.”

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