Revant Himatsingka a.k.a FoodPharmer‘s aim in life is to make India “Health Literate.” The crusader of healthy eating, he wants food and beverage brands to stop marketing junk food as healthy food. With “Label Padhega India,” Revant started a health movement to get people to read the labels of packaged products and make informed choices.

The content creator has started a health school to further this cause. FoodPharmer has now launched “Label Seekhega India” to teach the masses how to be health literate. “We study history, geography, integration, differentiation, but we don’t study health and nutrition in school. Indians are educated, but we aren’t health literate. Since we don’t study about health in school, today I’m launching The Health School!” wrote Revant in his LinkedIn post.

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Hear It From FoodPharmer Himself

We had a chat with Revant Himatsingka, asking him about the thought behind starting the ‘Label Seekhega India‘ movement. He said, “I started the ‘Label Padhega India’ initiative because when millions of Indians start reading labels, companies will not be able to falsely market themselves, they would be forced to write the truth. When people started reading labels, I realised that they did not know how to read them – the names are too complicated to understand sometimes.

This is what made him start ‘Label Seekhega India.’ He wishes to teach the skill of reading labels to the masses now so that they know exactly what they are putting into their body. FoodPharmer further mentioned that his vision is to make India “health literate.” He wants Indian schools to include the subject of “health” in their curriculum. That is why for now, he started this online health school.

The Health School

The first subject of FoodPharmer’s Health School will be “Label Seekhega India,” where he will host a masterclass on nutrition. Over the next few months, Revant plans to partner with India’s leading doctors and nutritionists to create courses on nutrition science, muscle-building, diabetes prevention, PCOS etc. His goal is to promote better-quality food products in India.

Learn How To Read Food Labels

FoodPharmer will teach lifelong skills to help you choose healthy packaged food in his masterclass. He promises all the knowledge you need to make healthier life choices and reduce the risk of illnesses through “Label Seekhega India.” Revant dubs reading food labels correctly as one of the most important life skills that will lower your likelihood of diabetes, obesity and many more illnesses.

The Masterclass

Know what all you stand to learn from Revant Himatsingka’s masterclass:

  • A complete understanding on how to read food labels — one of the most important skills of the 21st century
  • Lifelong skills to help you choose healthy packaged food
  • Discover the top 10 affordable healthy packaged foods in India
  • Find out which sweeteners are safe for diabetic and non-diabetics
  • Daily protein and sodium requirements cheat sheet
  • A free printable guide on how to spot adulteration in fruits and vegetables
  • How kids can choose healthy and tasty foods
  • A certificate of completion

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Knowledge For A Good Cause

You don’t pay for FoodPharmer’s course, you pay for a child’s meal. For every course purchased, FoodPharmer will provide meals to underprivileged children. “This way we can tackle health literacy and hunger at the same time!” said Revant.

He offers 3 slabs:

Rs. 350 – You can feed 2 kids
Rs. 500 – You can feed 5 kids
Rs. 1000 – You can feed 15 kids

Moreover, he promises to refund the entire course fee if you are not satisfied, no questions asked. This shows he’s in it to genuinely make a difference. Hats off!

FoodPharmer Revant Himatsingka health school label seekhega india masterclass fee structure label padhega india healthy eating nutrition packaged foods

FoodPharmer Scholarship

If you cannot afford this course, don’t worry, you can still attend it! Revant wants to make his mission come true by educating the entire country, regardless of their income. All you need to do is make a reel on Label Padhega India, and put the link of the reel on the form on the Health school’s website.

So, if you wish to make conscious health decisions to ensure a healthier lifestyle, it’s worth registering for Revant a.k.a. FoodPharmer’s masterclass now! He held his first masterclass on June 16 and we’re sure there are many more to come. You can check out the health school here: Let’s get health literate!