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Episode 02

Last week you got to know Dharna Durga‘s experiences with dating, fans, and family. This week we bring you the queen of comedic shayaris, RJ Princy! While we love her hilarious reels, how interesting would it be to know more about her world? We’ve got you covered!

On the second episode of The Social Nation Show, RJ Princy discusses her journey from radio to Instagram fame. Learn about her love for writing poetry, homemade Gujarati food, and how her radio career influences her content today. Whether you’re looking for a big career change or just love her shayaris, this episode will definitely inspire you!

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Entering The World Of Comedy

When asked where her journey of creating comedy content began, RJ Princy mentioned that she started with Gujarati theatre where she would write dialogues. She then started creating poetry in lockdown. But when Princy started working as a radio jockey, they told her that she has a funny bone. “Why don’t you make funny reels too? So then I started creating funny ones. And one day, one of them blew up and then I was like, okay, this is for me,” shared the creator.

Being An RJ Came In Handy For Content Creation

As a radio jockey, spontaneity is a must. RJ Princy spoke about the different kinds of opportunities she got as an RJ, like getting to interact with cricketers at the World Cup. “Tab aapko pata nahin hai aapko kis cricketer ke saath reel banane ka mauka milega. Toh tabhi radio jockey wala spontaneity kaam aata hai. Ki okay, I am getting to make a video with this cricketer, he is from South Africa, he’s famous for this, this, and this. What can I do?” explained Princy.

When put in a spot where you just get five minutes to shoot with a famous personality, the radio jockey instinct kicks up for her and it clicks. This goes to show that presence of mind is crucial when you get such opportunities to create content. Your reel will do numbers when you have the ability to engage your audience organically.

Shayari Queen For A Reason

We had to know this shayari maestro’s inspiration. And it happens to be her favourite, Rahat Indori! Talking about his art, RJ Princy said, “Matlab woh jis tarike ki shayari toh bolte hi hai bohot sahi lekin woh jis andaaz mein bolte hain na woh bhi bohot sahi lagta hai. Woh aise aise bolte hain na ki mahaul bana dete hain. Aur mere khyaal se shayari jitna likhne mein aur padhne mein accha hai usse kahi zyada uska moolya jo hai woh bolte waqt aata hai.” So that’s where Princy’s shayari andaaz comes from!

Gauging The Audience

Audience is king in the world of content, for sure. It’s important to keep their moods in check, especially when doing improv. How to balance their emotions? RJ Princy comes to your rescue. “The audience gives a vibe. If they are in a mood of masti aur main agar unse breakup aur deep cheezon ke baare mein baat karne lag jaun toh it’s my fault. Even though I have written very well, lekin meri audience uss mood mein nahin hai. Toh as a performer, I have to be very sure where I am performing, when, what time and who I’m performing for” says the creator.

You have two Instagram pages – for shayari + comedy content, and poetry verses. How do you manage to stay relevant on both?

So, the poetries that have a lot of depth in them, are personal, and literature-wise jo zyaada satisfying hai, woh main Prince Parikh wale page pe likhti hoon. Aur jo masti wale hain, woh doosre wale page pe. Par demand zyada masti walon ki hai. Kyunki woh bohot kam log crack kar sakte hain, ki aapne shayari bhi de di aur saath saath mein mazza bhi de diya. Toh main kabhi kabhi wahi karti hoon.

RJ Princy ft. Gujarati Content

If you have been following Princy from the beginning, you know how often she used to put up Gujarati content. After a break, she is back with the OG Gujju reels. She shared how after catering to a bigger global audience she was scared to risk the type of content she gave them. What if they don’t like it or relate to it or feel left out?

“Mere andar guts hi chale gaye ki main wapas Gujarati content banao. Par phir mujhe laga ki ek-aad abhi beech-beech mein daal dena chahiye, kyunki woh andar se aa raha hai. Natural instinct hai. I really want to do it now. So I am doing it. Not full-fledged, but I am doing it,” revealed RJ Princy.

Good Gujju Food = Good Mood

Ek shayari RJ Princy ki zubaani! Arz kiya hai:

“Bhook lage toh food ban jaata hai,
Bhook lage toh food ban jaata hai,
Tum smile toh karo mood ban jaata hai!”

Gujaratis take their food very seriously. It’s almost an unspoken rule in every Gujarati household that you always sit to eat a meal together. “Sunday ko specially khaman aata hai aur subah-subah jalebi fafda is a fix. It’s not even a stereotype anymore, we actually stand in the line for garam garam jalebi and fafda.” Another revelation about RJ Princy on The Social Nation Show was that she needs to eat her oti sabzi every day, come what may!

Dealing With Social Media Pressure

Princy summed up what it’s like to feel pressured when you’re out of ideas. She said, “That feeling is like you are on the stage, aapko dekhne poora auditorium full ho chuka hai. 2000 log wahan pe baithe hain. They are waiting for you to perform and you don’t have ideas. You are just standing in front of the mic doing nothing.”

That’s like every creator’s worst nightmare! But the flip side is equally rewarding. “Jaise crack ho jaata hai koi idea, toh utna hi mazza aata hai. Ekdum extreme hai ye, ya toh aap raja ho ya rang ho,” adds Princy. Those who get this balance right stay in the field longer and continue to impress audiences.

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Go watch the full interview here to know all about your favourite creator, RJ Princy!

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