There are only seven notes but more than a billion melodies. We have only two pairs of limbs but when in tune, they produce a billion steps. Dance is the vertical expression of a flowing mind. Caught within the flow we came across Deepak Tulsyan.
Deepak Tulsyan is a dancer, choreographer and a traveller who runs the dance tutorial/choreography YouTube channel Deepak Tulsyan (currently cruising) with more than 2 Million Subscribers!

Deepak is also the artistic director of GM Dance Centre. A place where he teaches his choreography to the people. The Dance centre even has a YouTube channel of his own and has more than 3.5 Million Subscribers! As an artist himself he is inspired by Hrithik Roshan (the Greek God does wonders doesn’t he?


As a YouTube Channel, Deepak has carved his way into becoming one of the fastest growing and most renowned channels. If you’re looking for any dance cover, choreography suggestions or dance tutorials. Deepak Tulsyan’s channel will be the first thing on your feed. 

On 1st June 2021, Deepak released his own choreography video on the Warner Music song “Echo“. Much like the song the choreography too resonates with the tunes and only makes the song for us better. One cannot help but feel like shaking a leg while watching Deepak perform. The choreography is bound to echo (pun intended) through your body! 
Dear Deepak, We wish you all the best. Keep breaking a leg and the Internet!

In case you haven’t watched Echo| Deepak Tulsyan Choreography | Armaan Malik | DJ KSHMR | Eric Nam
Watch it Here: