Instagram launched a bunch of six stickers to celebrate Pride “loud and proud”! As per Instagram for Business, these stickers “showcases the diversity of people and culture within the LGBTQ+ community.” They were specially curated by Instagram’s team of designers, i.e, Leandro Assis, Roza Nozari, and Ari Liloan.

Instagram’s @design states, “We worked with 3 artists from around the world to create stickers that capture themes integral to Pride: joy, self-love, and community. This year’s Pride stickers are representative of our global LGBTQ+ community — including gender nonconforming, asexual, transgender and genderfluid people.” Roza Nozari created two stickers depicting someone jumping for joy and a love story between two cacti. She says, “We all have such different experiences, and it’s pretty profound to see the diversity that exists amongst us. We are most certainly not a monolith, and it’s pretty darn magical.

These stickers are so beautiful and inclusive that netizens can’t contain their joy. The designers did an excellent job in making them. I’m in awe! I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Instagram is taking huge leaps to advance and promote gender fluidity. From creating exclusive Pride hashtags to stickers, they are doing a lot, and somewhat somewhere it’s definitely changing everyone’s mindset for a positive and developing future. Now, it’s your turn to propagate the Pride, and don’t forget to use #SharewithPride while doing so! To know more about Pride hashtags, take a look at Instagram and Facebook Join The Pride!