It’s that day of the year when we celebrate the digital extravaganza that has revolutionized the way we live, laugh and love online! Picture this: a world where we can share funny cat videos, swoon over drool-worthy food pictures and discover the latest trends by following our favourite creators. It’s no secret that social media has become our virtual playground, and at the heart of this digital wonderland are our fabulous content creators, the real stars of the digital realm.  

These creators are no ordinary folks; they are the trendsetters, tastemakers and magical content wizards who managed to sprinkle their stardust over the digital space. They have the charisma to make us fall head over heels for the latest fashion trends, the charm to make us laugh and make our day, and the power to turn us into foodies drooling over delectable dishes we can almost taste through the screen. 

We got in touch with three such creators whose work you can’t help but double-tap, share, and endlessly scroll through with delight – Jaspreet Dyora, Danny Pandit and Priyam Ghose. We asked these creators what their life would have been without social media and their responses definitely amused us. 

Jaspreet Dyora

With her absolutely fun and relatable Punjabi characters like Chintu and Tej Fuffad, Jaspreet manages to leave you in splits with her wit and humour. Her 237K Instagram followers are proof that she is loved by her audience. While you can’t stop scrolling through her funny reels, her choreography and dance reels will make you fall in love with the young digital creator. 

Q: What would you do professionally if Social Media did not exist? 

A: “Being a skilled Bhangra fitness trainer, I would have opened my own Bhangra-fit Academy.” 

Q: Can you tell us one pro and one con of Social Media for you?      

A- “Pro: Social Media keeps us engaged and updated all the time.

Con: We all get addicted to Social Media after a point of time.”

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Danny Pandit

Danny’s Instagram bio reads, Aaye ho toh khush hoke jao! And his Instagram feed ensures you don’t leave without a smile on your face. His content inspired by daily events, will make you laugh and will ensure you leave his profile a tad bit happier. His followers of 444K can vouch for that. 

Q: What would you do professionally if Social Media did not exist? 

A: I would have probably started my own business like merch or some product, like an energy drink. Another option could have been practising Company Secretary.

Q: Can you tell us one pro and one con of Social Media for you? 

A: According to me, the pro would be you can connect to so many strangers all around the world or even in your neighbourhood. It’s magical that after some point in time, they give you so much love and attention it feels like ye meri virtual family hain.

Con would be that it is addictive and I think we are losing human connection as everyone flexes on social media but in reality, we can not even hold a conversation. We should consciously spend our time on social media rather than unnecessarily scrolling.

Priyam Ghose

Looking for some fun regional content? Priyam Ghose’s Bengali reels are just on point. A video creator, Priyam’s take on Bengalis is a perfect distraction on a busy day when you just want to take a break and laugh. 

Q: What would you do professionally if Social Media did not exist? 

A: “Probably pursued my childhood dream of being a shuttler or would’ve been stuck in a 9-5.”

Q: Can you tell us one pro and one con of Social Media for you? 

A: “Pro: You can express your talent freely and reach out to the entire world with it. 

Con: Encouragement of online trolls and hate speech”.

Through their authenticity, humour, and passion, creators have bridged the gap between virtual strangers and formed communities that transcend geographical boundaries. As we continue our journey through the digital wonderland, let’s approach social media with a balance of enjoyment and mindfulness. Let’s use it as a tool to uplift, inspire, and spread kindness, making the digital world a better place for everyone.