Finance is a vast and complex field that plays a fundamental role in our personal lives and global economies. Traditionally, finance has been perceived as a domain reserved for experts. However, in recent years, the rise of finance creators on social media platforms like Instagram has transformed the way people engage with financial concepts.

One such content platform on Instagram that has gained popularity for its informative and engaging content is Unfinance. This Social Media Day, we speak to Kunwar Raj Singh, one half of the duo behind Unfinance, as he delves into the details of how he and his co-founder, Amit Singh, simplified finance for Indians using the power of social media.

Kunwar Raj Singh

Social Nation: Can you share the story behind the inception of Unfinance? What inspired you and Amit to start it?

“During the lockdown, a lot of our friends and relatives reached out to us and asked various doubts concerning investments, insurance and savings. We helped them over Zoom calls. On the birthday of  Warren Buffet, we posted our first post and started our journey to help people learn the concept of personal finance and bust some age-old myths around it.”

Social Nation: How did you harness the power of social media to spread financial knowledge?

“Finance is a boring topic by nature. We added a fabric of creativity and out-of-the-box ideas to impart finance knowledge in the most fun manner. We looked out for trends and cashed on them. We foresaw the opportunity to build a highly engaged community over WhatsApp and started our newsletter through it. In the past 2 years, we have empowered 100 million users by sorting their personal finances.”

Social Nation: In a crowded space of finance content, what sets Unfinance apart from other platforms? How do you ensure that your content stands out?

“The finance content space was dominated strongly by skit-styled content. In the initial days, we used the same format but soon realised something was missing. So we started creating content by checking the claims on the internet ourselves. Additionally, I have also been an investor for the past 7 years. We tell the audience about our own experiences. These two factors help us to stand out from other creators.”

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Social Nation: What challenges did Unfinance face while building a thriving community of over 1 million Indians on social media?

“We earned a decent following during COVID. Meanwhile, we received numerous collab offers, but maintaining the trust of our audience was of utmost importance to us, even if it meant letting go of a few high-paying collabs. Even when we felt like we would get swayed away by the algorithm, we kept creating authentic content and soon gained our engagement back. Our motto has always been simple – create authentic content and win the trust of our audience.”

Social Nation: What strategies and approaches do you employ to make complex financial concepts accessible & understandable for your audience, especially for those who are new to investing?

“We deploy three distinct strategies to make everything as easy as possible. Firstly, we keep our language and scripting simple. Secondly, instead of just explaining the concepts, we give examples. Thirdly, we include personal experiences and original proofs to make the content authentic.”

Social Nation: What plans or initiatives does Unfinance have in store? How do you envision the growth and evolution of the platform in the coming years?

“We are scouting multiple untapped markets in the field of financial products, understanding why they have been left behind and bringing them to the forefront. When we talk about platforms,  various social media companies have new features coming up and we are heading to the world of AI. We are ready to embrace these changes and put them to best use.”

Social Nation: Lastly, what is the most rewarding aspect of being a part of Unfinance and empowering individuals to achieve their financial goals through social media?

“We meet a lot of our audience IRL. Every time they say that they made a wise financial decision after watching our content and this makes us feel very content. We feel that the impact we are trying to create will last for a long time. Someday when someone reaps the benefit of a SIP we encouraged them to start, that will be the most precious moment of our journey.”

Unfinance has revolutionised the way people engage with finance. They have played a pivotal role in making finance accessible, understandable, and relatable to a broader audience. By simplifying complex concepts, fostering communities, promoting financial literacy, and empowering individuals, Finance has truly transformed the financial landscape. 

If you’re not reaping the benefit of this knowledge powerhouse, do it now.

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