GenZ and social media have a strong connection, as they are the first generation to grow up with widespread access to social media platforms. In a recent YouGov report, the study stated that more than 28% of GenZs living in urban cities are addicted to social media especially Instagram and open it more than 10 times a day. Rural India is also catching up to this trend at a lightning fast speed. This Social Media Day, instead of only observing the GenZ Social Media Behaviour, it is important to incorporate these statistics to formulate a marketing strategy that is relevant and effective. 

GenZ social media behaviour is crucial for marketing insights


Important takeaways from the YouGov report

  • 72% of GenZs using social media platforms plan to save more from next year using the many financial tools available to them. Understanding their saving and investment pattern and knowing their investment advice source can be the starting point for building an effective marketing strategy.
  • 49% of GenZs who love Instagram, believe in the power of online shopping and how it will get better with the advancement of technology such as AR. This can be the key for online marketplaces to attract more GenZ consumers.
  • Nearly 62% of GenZs are hooked to OTT platforms and would greatly appreciate group subscriptions. Music and video platforms can collaborate for group subscriptions to cater to increasing demand which will eventually help these platforms build their consumer base. 
  • More that 50% GenZs on Instagram want to stop thinking about food. This can be an important insight for the food and beverages industry to transform their marketing startegies
YouGov report on GenZ social media behaviour for marketing startegy

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Why is understanding GenZ’s social media behaviour crucial?

India has an estimated 116 million GenZ consumers. When GenZs hold such a big share in consumption, understanding their online behaviour provides valuable insights into their preferences, habits, and expectations, enabling businesses to tailor their marketing efforts to effectively reach and engage this demographic. Detailed analysis of the reason why GenZ’s social media behaviour is a crucial insight for marketing strategies. 

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Communication channels

GenZ heavily relies on social media for communication and information consumption. They are active on social media platforms, chat apps, and online communities. By understanding which platforms they prefer and how they use them, businesses can identify the most appropriate channels to engage with this audience.

Content preferences

It has been proven that GenZs have a short attention span and prefer content that is short, visually appealing, and easily digestible. They consume vast amounts of content daily, often through mobile devices. Knowing their content preferences allows marketers to create compelling and relevant content that resonates with this generation.

Genz social media behaviour and building marketing strategy

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Authenticity and personalisation

Gen Z values authenticity and personalized experiences. They are more likely to engage with brands that understand their individuality and provide customised experiences. By understanding their online behaviour, businesses can create tailored marketing campaigns that reflect the values, interests, and aspirations of Gen Z.

Influencer marketing

Influencers play a significant role in GenZ’s purchase decisions. They trust recommendations from people they perceive as authentic and relatable. Knowing which creator resonates with GenZ and how they engage with them online helps businesses identify suitable partnerships and develop influencer marketing strategies to effectively reach this audience.

User-generated content

GenZs actively participate in creating and sharing content online. They value user-generated content and often trust it more than traditional advertising. Understanding their online behaviour helps businesses encourage user-generated content and leverage it as a powerful marketing tool to promote their brand.

Social causes and values

GenZs are socially conscious and care deeply about social and environmental issues. They expect businesses to be socially responsible and align with their values. By understanding their online behaviour, companies can craft marketing campaigns that authentically address these concerns and demonstrate their commitment to making a positive impact.

Building marketing startegies through GenZ social media behaviour

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Knowing Gen Z’s online behaviour enables businesses to adapt their marketing strategies to meet the unique preferences and expectations of this digitally native generation. By leveraging this understanding, companies can effectively engage Gen Z, build brand loyalty, and drive business growth in the ever-evolving digital landscape.