The International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA Awards) is an annual event that honours excellence in the Indian film industry. It recognises outstanding achievements in various categories such as acting, directing, music, and technical aspects of filmmaking. There are different events in the IIFA Ceremony and the Green Carpet is one of the many events. IIFA 2023 was different and all the more special as we saw some of our most favourite creators attending the glorious ceremony.  Not just as mere spectators, Kusha Kapila, Rj Karishma, Mohit Hiranandani and Arun Singh were also a part of it.

The IIFA Green Carpet

The Green Carpet is a unique feature of the IIFA award show where celebrities and guests walk the carpet, showcasing their fashion choices and making stylish appearances. Through interviews, they gel for the upcoming spectacle and give their input regarding the show in terms of expectations and/or opinions.

Creators on the Green Carpet for IIFA 2023
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The Green Carpet event is covered by media outlets and photographers, who capture celebrity arrivals, interviews, and fashion moments. It is a highly anticipated part of the IIFA Awards ceremony, generating buzz and excitement among fans and fashion enthusiasts.

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The Significance of IIFA

The IIFA Awards ceremony is held in a different international location each year, outside of India, to promote Indian cinema on a global platform. The event attracts a wide range of Bollywood celebrities, directors, producers, and other industry professionals. It serves as a platform to celebrate Indian work and entertain audiences through performances and appearances.

The IIFA Awards also feature cultural performances, musical acts, and entertaining stage shows that showcase the vibrant and diverse culture of India. These performances add to the overall entertainment value of the event and contribute to its appeal among audiences worldwide.

IIFA 2023

IIFA 2023 was different from previous years as we saw many content creators attending the event. When content creators attend prestigious events such as IIFA, they bring their unique perspectives, creativity, and online presence to the event. Content creators further popularise the event by sharing engaging content across various platforms.

Green Carpet 2023

The IIFA Green Carpet 2023 was one of a kind. Big names from the digital world were seen at the event such as RJ Karishma, Kusha Kapila, Arun Singh, Anubhav Singh Bassi, Harsh Gujral, Kompal Matta Kapoor, Kritika Khurana, Deeksha Khurana, Anam Darbar, Zaid Darbar, Arun Singh and Mohit Hiranandani. Famous Creators Kusha Kapila, Rj Karishma and Mohit Hiranandani were the hosts for the evening. While all three of them are ace creators, they proved to be even better hosts. The little snippets that we got to see of them doing their part, we have been watching on a loop.

For the Green Carpet, Kusha Kapila wore a beautiful custom gown from Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna. In a gorgeous shade of blue, the gown was embellished with self-coloured embellishments with extended sleeves that added the charm of a cape. She tied her hair back in a ponytail and added accessories from Shri Ram Hari Ram Jewellers.

On the other hand, Rj Karishma opted for a bold red tube dress from Ahi. The asymmetrical dress ended a few inches above the knees and had a trail behind. She left her hair open in a half-tied pony. She accessorised the outfit with statement jewellery from the Minerali store. 

Mohit Hiranandani also served some hot lewks on the Green Carpet wearing a dapper black and white suit by Anup Arora. In a seek hair tied in a ponytail, he could give any model a run for their money. He wore matching footwear from Zufr, a homegrown brand. 

While all three of them dressed their best selves and looked absolutely stunning we are extremely excited to see them engage with Bollywood celebrities on the Green carpet. Both Kusha and Mohit dropped small videos of them interacting with stars and we are in awe of how natural they are.

Arun Singh, the creator who is known for his Punjabi Dad videos was also present at IIFA 2023 capturing the event for NDTV. He has posted videos with Rakhi Sawant, Vicky Kaushal and Badshah. The videos are a laughter riot, tickling all our funny bones.

To sum it up, IIFA holds a significant place in recognising and honouring the achievements of Indian cinema, promoting cultural exchange, boosting tourism and the economy, and providing a platform for the Indian film industry to gain global recognition. Attending IIFA helps Creators achieve overall goals, enhance their image, and expand their target audience. Definitely rooting for our creators and can’t wait to see them conquer more and more spaces.