Munjya, the latest instalment in Dinesh Vijan’s horror-comedy universe, hit theaters on June 7, 2024. Directed by Aditya Sarpotdar and starring Sharvari and Abhay Verma, the film has garnered positive reviews from both critics and audiences. It has not only added to the success of the genre but also sparked a wave of hilarious memes online, showcasing its impact on popular culture. However, what caught our eye was to see content creator Taran Singh in the film. 

Taran Singh makes his Bollywood debut in horror comedy film, Munjya

A Quick Synopsis of Munjya

Munjya begins in 1952 with the tragic tale of a young Brahmin boy whose forbidden love for a girl named Munni leads to a disastrous ritual. Fast forward to modern-day Pune, the story centers on Bittu, a shy cosmetology student living with his mother and grandmother. As old family secrets emerge, Bittu learns that his grandmother is connected to the malevolent spirit Munjya. The plot unfolds as Bittu, with the help of an exorcist, confronts the spirit to save his love interest, Bella.

Thoughts on Munjya

To us, Munjya has an engaging storyline, remarkable VFX, and standout performances by the cast. While it may not be as terrifying as Tumbbad or as uproarious as Stree, it strikes a balance that keeps audiences entertained. The film’s blend of horror and comedy, coupled with emotional depth, makes it a significant addition to Maddock Films’ horror-comedy universe.

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Taran Singh’s Bollywood Debut

A notable highlight of Munjya is the Bollywood debut of content creator Taran Singh. He plays the character named Spielberg who is a friend of the protagonist, Bittu (played by Abhay Verma.) Known as the ‘Water Boy’ for the IPL team Rajasthan Royals, Taran’s journey to the big screen is a remarkable story of hard work and talent. Initially aiming to work as an assistant director, Taran Singh’s skills in content creation on social media caught the eye of the casting team, who approached him for the role.

Creator Taran Singh makes his Bollywood debut in Munjya

Taran Singh’s transition from a popular internet personality to a Bollywood actor signifies a significant moment for the creator economy as he joins the likes of Kusha Kapila, Dolly Singh, Prajakta Koli, Viraj Ghelani and many others. It underscores the growing influence of digital creators and their potential to make impactful contributions to traditional media industries.

Beer Biceps Interviews Munjya 

For the first time, Ranveer Allahbadia Ala Beer Biceps brings in Munjya for an exclusive interview. The bizarre exchange between the two is absolutely hilarious especially when Ranveer asks about death and then points out that Munjya is inability dead because he’s a ghost. His reference to previous Munnis also has left us laughing out loud. If you can’t get enough of Munjya, then we suggest you should watch this reel now! 

Internet Reactions

The release of Munjya has sparked a flurry of reactions online. Fans have taken to social media platforms, especially X (formerly Twitter), to share their delight with the film. Memes and reviews have flooded the internet, with many praising the film’s humour, visual effects, and performances. The film has successfully engaged audiences, leading to an enthusiastic response that compares it favorably to earlier hits like Stree. Some of our favourite memes on Twitter are- 

Munjya stands out as a fun and entertaining horror-comedy that has effectively captured the audience’s imagination. With strong performances, a compelling plot, and a mix of humor and horror, it continues to build on the success of its predecessors in Maddock Films’ supernatural universe. Taran Singh’s debut further highlights the potential for digital creators to transition into mainstream cinema, marking an exciting development for the industry.