Cottonworld ‘s short film focusing on #itsournature features Actress Kalki Koechlin as the princess and warrior, and she’s not alone. Along with her, there are nine more climate warriors who strongly believe in protecting nature. Malhar Kalambe, Devangana Lashkary, Ankita Gogoi, Sagar Singh, Pooja Sharma, Aayush Gandhi, Clarice Brambilla, Krutarth Upadhyay, and Maheshwar Khetan are true advocates of nature, who actively work for this common goal. They’re warriors for a reason.

As stated by Cottonworld, “We cannot ignore injustice. We cannot take things lying down. We cannot turn a deaf ear to a nature’s plea. We can not but stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. We cannot turn a blind eye towards self-destruction. We cannot think of ourselves as separate from nature.”

Environmentalist and Youth Advocate, Malhar Kalambe is “On a journey to make a difference!” He’s the Founder of Beach Please and has won accolades from the United Nations itself. He has also appeared in MTV Roadies Revolution’s audition.

Devangana Lashkary is an Environmental Researcher, CSR Consultant, and Travel Storyteller. Oh! She’s also a bike lover, especially Royal Enfield.

Environmentalist Sagar Singh is a firm supporter of plastic-free life and minimalism, focusing on Societal and Behavioural Change. He’s also a hitchhiker and cyclist.

Ankita Gogoi pursues a sustainable lifestyle.

Maheshwar Khetan is a Climate and Vegan activist. He’s also an ardent supporter of the Queer community.

Aayush Gandhi and Pooja Sharma are the Co-founders of Friendly Footprints. Clarice Brambilla is also associated with it. They provide services for Renewable Energy and Waste Management. Not only that, Pooja has her own sustainable brand, Arma.

Krutarth Upadhyay is an Environmentalist, NGO Activist at Junoon Foundation, and Co-founder of Hydro Health India.

This sustainable campaign was directed by Gautam Kohli, produced by Prodbay Production, Campaign Photographer was Ashish Shah, and Tassaduq Hussain was the DOP. The Creative Agency was Pulp, Amrita Deliwala was the Executive Producer, Divas Gupta was the Editor, Hair and Makeup Artist was George Kritikos from Faze Management India, Navin Shetty from Nube Studio was the Colourist, and the Stylist was Daniel Franklin. Dipan Das and Subir Kumar Das from YOLO Productions Official were responsible for Sound and Mix. The Agency Team consisted of Sadaf Adenwalla, Rushita Dave, Asif Shaikh, Malik Shaikh, Kanika Agarwal, Neeli Shah, Krati Jain, and Ranjit Kamble. Rohan Khokar was the Online Editor and Chandni Dholakia was the Celebrity Manager. Most importantly, Montoo Bassi was the one who provided such beautiful words with a strong message.