Mrunal Panchal has always been impressive with her creative persona. She has come a long way from creating trending videos to trying out various face arts. When emoji makeup came up, Mrunal was right at top of the game. Even before that, she used her inspiration as a way to paint her face as a canvas.

Let’s take a look at Mrunal’s 10 best face arts:

1. Lucifer Morningstar

Getting inspired by Netflix’s famous series ‘Lucifer’, Mrunal went for this out-of-the-box look and damn! Isn’t it so amazing?

You can even watch the whole transformation video on her YouTube channel ‘Gujju Unicorn.

2. Mystique

Are you a fan of ‘X-Men’ film? Then, you will definitely be awestruck by Mrunal’s whole blue look ‘cause she recreated Mystique!

3. White Walker

Now, this is the epic one! She created this whole look after getting influenced by ‘Game of Thrones.’

4. Penny Wise

Who’s into horror movies? If yes, then ‘It’ must be on your watch list. Mrunal actually has the guts to get inspired by Penny Wise! Just imagine!

Her whole makeup video was definitely scary! See it at your own risk.

5. Tiger

When makeup inspired by emoji was trending, she painted her face as Tiger.

6. Alien

We’ve always been fascinated by Aliens, and Mrunal made this into reality.

7. Marble

Doesn’t she look ethereal in this Marble form? I just can’t take my eyes off her!

8. Inverted X-Ray

The Inverted X-Ray makeup look is going viral, and Mrunal absolutely nailed it!

9. Mummy

Another horror looks from her collection, the Mummy. Can you recognise her with all the bandages on her face? I can’t! Seeing her makeup gave me eerie chills though.

10. Goddess

Well, Mrunal is already our makeup Goddess, and with this look, she has proved it!

Mrunal’s face arts are so inspiring that we can’t resist its power. I’m sure everyone feels to just stare at it constantly and admire it.