How many times do you scroll your Instagram reels and then refresh them to get the best content? After a lot of scrolling and dance videos later, if something different comes up, it makes us want to check more from the creator. One such creator duo is Austin and Marideth Telenko, popularly known as Cost n’ Mayor. They are a choreography couple known for their hyper-synchronous choreography.

Their Instagram content is about trendy reels but with different dance moves which are highly synced.

When you go through your content, it’s like yes, it is the trending reel but then you see their different moves. While everyone is busy following the trend, they both try to add up a twist to it and they do it with a style.

Austin and Marideth are a lovable dance team whose routines are as synchronous as their couplehood. East Coast transplants to Los Angeles, Cost n’ Mayor’s passion for life and love for each other radiates through their dancing and original choreography.

The couple also draws inspiration from TV, animation, and other art forms to infuse goofy, comedic, characteristic flare into their unique and complex choreography. When they are not dancing, they can be found exploring new foods, traveling, and spending quality time shopping for their new pad in Los Angeles.

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Cost n’ Mayor Merchandise

To add more to their hats, they just launched their merchandise. Cost n’ Mayor Flip the Mix SS22 has some cool sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants, racerback tops, and more. Without a doubt, the couple promoted it in a different style as well.

The couple also has their own YouTube channel where they post their dance YouTube shorts.

Go on, get your hands on some cool merch, and while you are at it, don’t miss out on learning the moves of different syncs from the coolest chorograph couple.