There are many skilled content creators in India who have achieved success in the digital sphere. Among these content creators, there are a lot of strong Indian women who are blazing their own trails and making interesting content that is also empowering. This women’s day we’re mentioning some of the content creators that inspire us while entertaining us.

Prajakta Koli

Prajakta Koli, aka MostlySane, is a comedian and YouTuber from Mumbai. She has more than 6 million channel subscribers and produces humorous material on a range of subjects, such as social issues and mental health.

Prajakta has been a vocal supporter of women’s rights and gender equity, and she serves as an ambassador for UN Women.

Kusha Kapila

A social media influencer and content producer, Kusha Kapila became well-known for her satirical videos and skits.

She has worked with many different companies and been highlighted in numerous newspapers and magazines. Many young girls look up to Kusha because of her relatability and sense of humour.

Saloni Gaur

Saloni Gaur is a comedian and content producer who rose to fame with her political impressions and satire. She works with companies like Amazon Prime and Swiggy and has more than two million Instagram fans.

Saloni has used her platform to raise awareness about the value of getting assistance, as a mental health advocate.

Srishti Dixit

Srishti Dixit is a comedian, writer, and content creator who creates humorous videos on her YouTube channel and Instagram. She has more than 700K fans and is a creator that keeps them all laughing.

She has also written for many publications and has been featured in various videos and podcasts.

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Scherezade Shroff

 Scherezade Shroff is a lifestyle and beauty YouTuber who creates content on fashion, beauty, and travel.

She has over 300,000 subscribers on her channel and has collaborated with many brands, including Clinique and Sephora.

Niharika NM

Niharika NM is a spoken word poet and content creator who creates videos on social issues and displays comedy with her content.

She has more than 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and has performed at various poetry events.

These are only a few of the many powerful Indian women content creators who are changing the digital landscape. They have used their platforms to encourage young women to follow their goals and to bring attention to pressing issues. We can anticipate seeing more of these women making their impact and developing entertaining and empowering content as the digital landscape continues to change.