Having a passion and converting it to your main thing takes courage. But when you make it happen for yourself, it must be a different feeling all together. Coloring hair is something that has been in trend for years now but not all shades of colours. However, there is someone who has taken a step ahead and gone all the way to color hair of people in all the hues possible- from burgundy to green. It’s Yushika Jolly from Paradyes. Being a hair color enthusiast always, she started India’s first Semi-Permanent Hair Color Brand Hair Color & Care- Paradyes.

It’s not that there were no hair color brands before she started, but there was a need to better it. When Yushika discovered this market need, she resolved to fill it by forging ahead with the development of hair colours, which led to the creation of Paradyes two years later.

Yushika Jolly
Yushika Jolly

In a conversation with Social Nation, Yushika spoke about how has it changed over time and how being a women founder makes a difference.

How did you come up with the idea of Paradyes?

I always loved coloring my hair. I have been using hair colors for 10 years now! I just had to do something about it and when Covid hit, it was the perfect time for me to take time to pursue my passion and turn it around.

How do you think the hair color industry has changed all together?

While it has come some way, I think there is still a long way too go for India. Paradyes is the first attempt to be done to change the narrative of usual blacks and browns to different color hairs.

To shed the stigma of nothing being wrong with having blue or pink hair, I started this and I believe while there is a long way to go, we will get somewhere.

Being a female founder, do you believe that we need more women in business? Where do you think women get stuck?

We definitely need more women founders and boss women in the society. I feel the society needs to be more supportive and encouraging when it comes to giving women a chance. I myself have faced problems when people had problem taking orders from me instead of my husband.

We will need society to accept women as leaders. When more women come into the leadership roles, views will change and that would be great.

Yushika Jolly adding colors to life and hair with Paradyes

Jolly was seen in Shark Tank’s latest season and garnered views and customers from there and the response has been something different!

Has there been any change after your pitch at Shark tank- response wise?

After Shark Tank, alot has changed. The traction has been unexpected, the sales have doubled, followers have increased upto 50k!

We did not expect that we will get so much recognition in such a short time. Going on national television and the ten minute slot that we get is a huge opportunity to tell about our brand and products.

Your Instagram is quite colorful with all shades of colors and the people who’ve used the colors. Is there a social media strategy that you follow?

We have no social media strategy! It is only our consumers. They display their love through pictures and videos by sharing it with us with messages that they are satisfied and loved the product and that is what we showcase to our community.

We are also trying to shed the stereotype that even with colored hair you can look pretty and professional. I think the more user generated content that there is, more the willingness of other people to buy the product would be.

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People think that coloring hair can damage it, what do you have to say about that?

Honestly, hair coloring is not the best thing you can do to your hair but then there are chemical treatments that people go for which are equally or even affect in worse damages to hair.

People do love highlights, hair keratin and all sorts of treatments that people go for but then you get something, you lose something so you do it anyway. But in hair coloring, you do not even lose something! It is a myth that people have attached that hair coloring is bad. Even scientifically its not the worst thing you can do to your hair.

Yushika Jolly adding colors to life & hair with Paradyes

Moreover, our hair color has a conditioner that helps recover dryness and frizzy if any so it ends up bettering your hair instead of damaging it.

Any advice for people who want to color their hair?

If you think there is any color just for you that you just want it- I would say do it! Other than that if you need any advice or help you can reach out to us through website or even Instagram DMs. Choose a shade and just go for it, we can always guide people with the website and our guides over Instagram handle. Feel free to reach out with all your queries.

How do you see your brand going ahead in future?

I see Paradyes as a one stop shop for all things hair color, so that’s the future I am striving towards. I know it is a bright future coming ahead!

They also have temporary hair color events coming up in different cities in this month and ahead! Here’s the schedule as released!

What color would you suggest to anyone as a beginner?

Our bestselling is Carola pink and Comrii purple. They are very beginner friendly and has everything that needs to be there in the kit.

To know more about Paradyes, go follow their page, check out their website and color your hair!