Mother’s Day is a long-standing occasion where we express our gratitude and love for the incredible women who have shaped our lives. It’s a day to celebrate the bond between mothers and their children, filled with heartfelt gestures and cherished memories. In this spirit of celebration, we delve into the touching relationship between content creator Ankush Bahuguna and his mother, Manju Bahuguna as they talk about profound memories, their bond and the kind of support they have been for the other in this Mother’s Day special interview. 

Mother's Day with Ankush Bahuguna and Manju Bahuguna

Manju Bahuguna is reputed Garhwali actress and has worked in many OTT shows. Ankush Bahuguna today is considered to be among the A-list content creators. Starting off as a comedy creator, Ankush has also ventured into beauty and makeup and expanded his horizons while working in the capacity of actor. However, every time we go through Ankush’s profile, it is his connection with his mother, Manju Bahuguna that warms our hearts. Be it their makeup videos or the video where Manju ma’am roasts Ankush, they are pure gold. Join us as we experience the charm of this Mother-son duo.:

Manju Bahuguna

SN: What was your first reaction when Ankush expressed interest in makeup and beauty?

Manju Ma’am: It was a little surprising at first, not going to lie but when I saw so many people appreciating him for what impact he was creating, I was very happy & thankful to see him become everyone’s favourite.

SN: What are some of your favourite memories of Ankush growing up?

Manju Ma’am: There are so many fond memories but my favourite memory is from the time when he was a little school boy. We never gave our children any pocket money. It was our wedding anniversary and he ran to the market to get some rasgullas from whatever little money he had saved, 20-25 rs I remember. When I saw him with those sweets, I teared up!

SN: What are you most proud of when it comes to Ankush’s achievements?

Manju Ma’am: When he made the switch from architecture to content writing he lied to us. We had no idea about his plans. Eventually, when I saw how much people loved him, it made me proud. He included me in his content & because of that, today, a lot of people in Bollywood know me. This makes me really happy!

SN: What is the one secret about Ankush that his fans don’t know?

Manju Ma’am: This is the secret – that he lied to everyone. He told nobody that he was switching fields & it was only when his videos started going viral that our family & his friends got to know. I’ve always been surprised – when did he really get into acting or makeup? He worked on so many things secretly.

SN: Do you ever borrow his makeup products? If so, which ones are your favourite?

Manju Ma’am: The real answer is I don’t even know how to do makeup. He’s given me a lot of foundation, eyebrow pencils, and lipsticks which I don’t use. Whenever he comes, he does my makeup! I try & observe & learn when he does my makeup but now he’s gotten too good at it & I can’t keep up anymore. I just ask him to give me whatever product looks nice on me.

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Ankush Bahuguna

SN: One beauty tip that you have learnt from your mom?

Ankush: Confidence can make any kind of makeup look work. My mother defies beauty standards for her age – she can rock dramatic colourful eye makeup as well as a simple winged eyeliner!

SN: How important was your mother’s approval for you to pick content creation?

Ankush: My mother herself is an artist so she’s always come around to accepting whatever I’ve done. I had already made a big switch from being an architect to writing much before content creation happened, so my parents recognised that I would get into performing arts one day. I don’t know how important it was because they were never not supportive but now when I see them celebrate every small little win of mine, I realise that this kind of love & support from your family gives you a sense of security. 

SN: What is the one piece of advice from your mother that you always carry with you?

Ankush: You’re never too big for a role. My mother even at 60, after over 3 decades of experience as an actor in Uttarakhand films, still auditions for roles every week & takes up whatever work comes her way because that’s how much hunger she has to just be on a set. It inspires me to keep the hustle on!

SN: What is that one maa ke haath ka khaana/dish that you love?

Ankush: Sabzi wali maggi! Nobody makes it like my mom!

SN: How are you celebrating Mother’s Day? Any special surprises that you’ve planned for her?

Ankush: The Bahugunas are not very celebratory people 😂 we barely even celebrate birthdays. Usually, our little celebration is me shooting Mother’s Day content with her. Every year we make Mother’s Day content weeks in advance & that’s her favourite time because she loves making videos with me so much. This year sadly, I won’t be with her because I’m flying to France to attend the Cannes Film Festival. We’re sad that there will be no funny Mother’s Day content this year but she’s extremely happy about Cannes & incredibly proud!

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, let us reflect on the unwavering support our mothers provided us throughout our lives and try to do the same for them. The bond of Ankush and Manju Bahuguna exemplifies the essence of maternal love. Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible mothers out there!