Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi has been the talk of the town ever since it was announced. Since its release, it however received mixed reviews, not emerging as a blockbuster immediately but the series has become a cult-favourite of the netizens, deeply inspiring trends on Instagram. From makeup to outfits, from songs to dance movements, the series is slowly growing on people and going by the look of it, this trend is surely here to stay. Join us to learn about our favourite content that has been inspired by Heeramandi. 

Heeramandi inspired content we are obsessed with on Instagram

Makeup inspiration

The make-up in Heeramandi was exceptionally graceful and rather obviously has become the inspiration behind recent looks. From kohl-rimmed eyes to soft dewy make-up, Heeramandi-inspired looks are taking over the make-up. What is interesting is the fact that these makeup looks are not limited to Instagram videos but have found a way to wedding and party make-up too. 

Mukul, an artist based out of Delhi recreated a modern version of the Heeramandi look and to say the least, we are sold. That dramatic winged liner and the perfect highlighter are stealing the show for us. Donning the Nath, Mukul skipped other jewellery to pair his contemporary Heeramandi-inspired outfit. 

On the other hand, Makeup artist Mehak Bindra styles her bride Garima Rawat with the Heeramandi theme in mind and we are blown by the looks of it! The deep and bold eye makeup paired with nude lips looked absolutely breathtaking. However, recreating her own Heeramandi-inspired drape truly elevated the look. 

Pritam Moirangthem, another talented makeup artist also recreated the Heeramandi look with heavy eyelashes and subtle glow. Pairing the Kundan jewellery with a white outfit, Pritam surely belonged to the Sanjay Leela Bhansali world. 

Outfit Inspiration 

Just like makeup, Heeramandi aesthetics have taken over the fashion industry too. Fashion creators have enthusiastically hopped on the trend and can’t wait to show their take on it. From flowy anarkalis to intricate lehengas, the digital work is obsessed with the Heeramandi trend. 

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Fashion creator Meghna Kaur AKA Shetroublemaker also could not stop herself from joining the Heeramandi Bandwagon. Donning a gorgeous lehenga from the Ajio House of Ethnics collection, Meghna looked gorgeous! She paired the dreamy outfit with equally stunning jewellery and makeup.

Meghna Kaur was a part of the Heeramandi X Ajio collaboration along with many of her contemporaries including Nikita Dhongdi, Kritika Khurana, Isha Borah, Sakshi Sindwani, Sejal Kumar and Diksha Rawat among others. We were spellbound seeing our favourite creators look splendid in the Heeramandi-inspired looks!

Gopali and Jahanvi took the trend one step further, as the duo ‘came together for a ‘Aadab.’ In the flawless transition reel, Gopali and Jahanvi transformed into Heeramandi-inspired Goddesses. With their elegant smile and henna-stained hands, they both became one of our favourites from the Heeramandi trend. 

Dance Inspiration 

If you have watched the series, you will know how important dance has been to the Heeramandi charm. The perfect mujra to soothing classical beats was a highlight for us in the show. From ott screens to our feeds, dance creators have brought the magic of Heeramandi to Instagram.

With dance creators bringing the same elegance through their dance reels, we were proud of our creators. Our very favourite in this segment has been the dance performance by Titiksha and Srishti Srivastava, whose jaw-dropping performance was a treat to the eyes. The perfect hand gestures, the long stares and the graceful steps surely had our hearts! 

The Heeramandi Aesthetics 

When we said Heeramandi has become a cult-favourite we were not joking. Heeramandi, a show that brought the grandeur of films to series, became a trailblazer in the entertainment sphere and now people cannot stop themselves from recreating the Heeramandi aesthetics.  

Those gorgeous chandeliers, those massive French windows and floral bonanza are now all a part of Heeramandi Aesthetic. Mansi Ugale, a digital creator known for her extraordinary festive series ‘ManaoWithMansi’ recreated the Heeramandi aesthetics and we are all eyes. Netflix calls this ‘queen-behaviour’ and we could not agree more.

Heeramandi has now transformed from a series to a cultural symbol and we are not complaining. Tell us about your favourite Heeramandi inspiration and recreation in the comments below.