We all know Komal Pandey as the fashion icon who unabashedly owns her unconventional styles and inspires through the process. We have seen her influencer side with her styles highlighted across all social media platforms. Her bold looks are not only worth taking pictures of but also help us broaden our horizons while she, confidently, roars the comfort in her body. How did she reach this place though? What was her journey like? What obstacles did she face and how can we learn and gain inspiration from the same? Read all about it in this article to find out!

From failing in a B.Com degree college when she was 19 years old to quitting a job that she loves because she wanted to work for herself, Komal has a story to tell that you might want to take notes of. Be it that her followers had strong opinions for her lip or the fact that she is body shamed regularly, she has faced a hard hit from social media. Although, knowing no fashion boundaries, she continues to pursue her passion and we love her for the same. So, without further ado, let us talk about the trending series like fashion therapy, catfishing, so on and so forth as well as the fashion journey of Komal Pandey.

Komal Pandey

Going through two difficult relationships where she was left for another woman, Komal had begun to feel insecurities about the way she looked. She began to seek help from a professional and one day, she decided she did not want to feel blue anymore. She believed in herself and decided to put the passion in her profession instead of her relationship. When she asked herself, she found her love for fashion and began blogging, soon after. She also started to the journey of being a content creator on Instagram. In the span of 6 months, she grew from a thousand to 55K followers.

She got offered a job in an organisation where she made around 400 videos for them in the span of a year and a half. She started gaining recognition and learnt a lot through the experience. Although, throughout this experience even though she was doing the job that she was passionate about, she was feeling unhappy. She wanted to surround herself around people who would uplift and motivate her. Hence, followed a resignation from her end.

She then thought that if she could do so much for another organisation, why can’t she do the same for herself. She got right to it, in the blink of an eye and walked for around 93 brands, made 400 videos and earned 75 lakh rupees in three years. She was happy given that she was her own boss and did not have a corporate lifestyle. Another job was working for a fashion magazine that she had chased, for the absolute love and stardom towards the magazine. Although, she realised she was fooling herself and found out that she wanted to go back to being her own boss.

Her is now standing with an army of 1.4M followers on Instagram along with 983 subscribers on her YouTube channel. She faces the cons of social media, the negative comments, even today but unabashedly creates bold looks and influences her audience. She is also in a relationship with another fashion influencer named Siddharth Batra. They have an Instagram page together called ‘thesidkom’. Tap HERE to check it out!

Some people have not been able to accept the growth of Komal Pandey from creating videos on sustainability to being herself and catfishing clothes to make a fashion statement. But Komal knows no boundaries in fashion and only knows to pay heed to her large community of supporters. Her fashion journey is inspirational and she is truly an influencer.

She continues to upload high quality fashion content and has also been the birth giver to the ‘Fashion Therapy with Komal’ and ‘Catfish with Komal’ series on Instagram. She has become a fashion icon and has gained a well deserved stardom. We wish her congratulations for coming right up despite the obstacles and standing strong. We also wish her the best for the future endeavours. And until my pen writes more for you, do not forget to check out her YouTube page HERE and Instagram page HERE and showing it lots of love and support. I also hope this gives you the encouragement to pursue your passion and love the life you live.

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