Prajakta Koli uploaded a YouTube video that spoke about mental health. It features a professor from psychiatry, Dr Prabha Chandra from NIMHANS, Bangalore. In such trying times, checking up on our health, both mental and physical, is crucial. Prajakta takes an initiative by talking about the same. This video covers everything from the symptoms to preventions. So without further ado, let’s get right to it, shall we? Here’s presenting ‘Mental health during pandemic’ video ft. Dr Prabha Chandra.

From the most common mental health short term causes due to the pandemic to ‘Long haul covid’ which will last for a long term, this video talks starts by talking about the effects of Covid-19. This video also talks about being mindful of our emotions and being aware along with sharing the same to our close friends. Routines can also be very helpful. Getting a good diet, sleep and exercise, getting in a cycle of routine will help, at large. This video gives a lot of insight to how to take care of oneself during this phase along with covering more on mental health. Tap and watch right away!

I hope this video helped you. Do not forget to give it love and support for its organic reach to increase. Moreover, share it with everyone you care about so they can benefit from it, too. We thank Dr Prabha Chandra and Prajakta for this much needed insight. And until my pen writes more for you, check out more videos by Prajakta by tapping HERE!

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