Tanmay Bhat recently started a new series titled, ‘Bollywood Shitposting’ on YouTube. An Instagram page named ‘Bollywood Shitposts’ is getting recognition for its content that results in fits of laughter. In this video, Tanmay highlights some posts from the said page and reviews it along with Aishwarya Mohanraj, Nishant Tanwar and Siddharth Dudeja. So without further ado, let’s see what Tanmay and the page have in store for us today, shall we?

This series has clips from Bollywood movies either compiled together or added with a funny tag as a meme for the satirical aspect. From ‘…Naam ka kutta’ to what a chilled put press conference would look like even with the most intense answers, this video is the craziest of them all. If you are a bollwood fan, let me warn you that this might ruin some movies for you. But would it be worth it? Most definitely!

The highlight for me was the advertising legend bhai going to the window, taking a deep breath and instantly coming up with a tagline. Tanmay’s reaction, moreover, was everything. This video is just what you need in the form of light in your dark days. Tap and watch right away to gauge what I’m talking about!

I cannot wait for more videos in this series. The content is amazing, without a doubt but when added with their reaction, the content reaches onto another level. And until then, I’m going to go and check out more posts on the page. I hope you do the same. Lastly, I would just like to add how Tanmay’s channels have become special to us in no time. His bot army is a community that feels like home. His humour and content gives us sanity during these times and we cannot be thankful enough.

And until my pen writes more for you, do not forget to check out Tanmay’s content curate especially for you by tapping HERE. Have an entertaining evening, y’all! If you would like to check out another article featuring Tanmay Bhat, you can do so by tapping HERE!