Alia Bhatt’s YouTube channel covers a range of content under the umbrella of fitness, challenges, cooking, Ed-A-Mamma, and many more. Although, she was busy with hectic schedules for a few months and hadn’t uploaded anything on her channel. She recently came back with her skincare routine and we are here to talk about the same. So, without further ado, let us see what Alia has in store for us today, shall we?

We are usually so intrigued about the celebrities’ lifestyles because we do not get to watch the real them behind the cameras. We always know them through a role that they’re playing or interviews for the promotion of the same. Although, Alia here, through her YouTube channel, opens the drapes of the curtains that is her lifestyle and gives us a sneak peek of the same. She is extremely real and transparent which I, especially love. Like for instance, in this skincare routine that we will be discussing, she has no makeup and she very openly talks about the products that she uses.

She has done some routine videos in the past like the fitness or morning routine, for instance. And today, she brings to us her skincare routine. She names the products she uses and also, briefs us about their advantages. From a skin massager to moisturiser, she has everything in her skincare kit which she refers to as her best friend. She also talks about this being the most important part of her day, and that she does it everywhere be it in the car, van, or anywhere else.

The highlight of the video for me was when she spoke about the ‘Caffeine Solution Drops’ and instantly, said how we do not need it as we are not facing the camera right after we wake up. The transparency and realness hit the right chord for me. Watch the video right away to watch the necessities for taking care of your skin introduced by Alia!

A lot of people in the comments also spoke about how unusually beautiful it is for Alia to share this routine with us. I love her bubbly and cheerful nature. It’s also like she’s talking to her friends through the video and the connection seems personal. If you want to watch more of her videos, tap HERE to do so! And until my pen writes more for you, here’s another article featuring YouTube channels of Bollywood celebrities that you can check out by tapping HERE!