Clubhouse is bringing rapid changes to its clubs, and they’re definitely better than ever.  After being officially open to everyone, the upcoming updates are based on making the clubs more simplified and easy to manage. From introducing features like Backchannel, Payments, Olympics Badges, updating Notifications, and so on, the month of July has been working smoothly for Clubhouse. The two new changes involve removing Followers and introducing Leaders.

Source: Clubhouse Blog

Now, let’s get into details about the upcoming updates:

Eliminating Followers & Retaining of Membership

As per Clubhouse Blog, “If you’re the Admin of a club, you can choose to make your membership “Open” (meaning anyone can join as a Member) or “By Approval” (meaning you individually approve all Members). We think people hosting public shows will want to set their club membership to “Open.” This means they will no longer need to manually convert every Follower into a Member, which will hopefully save them a lot of time.”

People building private communities can set their clubs’ membership to “By Approval.” This means they can let anyone “Apply to Join” from their club page, and then choose which people to approve. Or they can hide this button from the club page to make it truly invite-only”, adds Clubhouse Blog.

Introducing Leaders

Quoting Clubhouse Blog, “Leaders can start rooms and schedule events that all club members can see, but can’t edit club settings, edit the club name, or add/remove members. Admins can choose which trusted club members to designate as Leaders.”

Source: Clubhouse Blog

The above-mentioned features will be default for newly created clubs. For the existing clubs, Admins need to change certain settings to operate as per the new model. Let’s get more clarification for a better understanding!

  • Currently, the clubs that don’t allow the followers to join won’t be affected that much. But, they can opt for the ‘Apply to Join’ option from the club page, which can be turned off by the Admins.
  • Clubs having Followers now but don’t allow them to create rooms will automatically be transformed into Members. The default setting gives access to any user to join freely, similar to the way Followers operate. Admins have the control to change the settings.
  • In the case of clubs that allow Followers to create rooms currently, they have the opportunity to decide whether Members can join automatically or with individual approval.

In Clubhouse Blog’s words, If the club chooses to let anyone join as a Member, their old Followers will be automatically upgraded to Members, and any new people will be able to instantly join the community as Members. If they choose this option, we’ll ask them to confirm that they still want all members to be able to start rooms.”

Clubhouse Blog further states, “If the club chooses to individually approve members, they’ll be able to find their old Followers list anytime in the “Add Members” section of their club page, in case they want to approve them as Members at a later date. Until they are approved or rejected as Members, these old Followers will continue to get notified about any public rooms the club hosts.”

Source: Clubhouse Blog

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