It is no news that content creation is the heart and soul of social media platforms. There are numerous creators giving their best to stay relevant and thrive in the content ecosystem. Every time a trend comes in, it goes viral and they are the first ones to hop onto the trend.

Prasad Vidhate, famously known as ‘ saint_in_baggy ’ on Instagram, is a content creator who creates reels that are based on scenes from Bollywood movies. The creator gives a real-life situation a twist by making it relatable to a movie scene. His content makes the viewer recall that particular scene and takes them back to admiring the characters.

Instead of recreating exact same scene with the same characters, he selects the concept and script and adds his own original touch for the twist. It’s not just him in his videos, but other characters and actors as well. Prasad also collabs with different creator friends in order to expand the reach.

Prasad Vidhate | Bollywood content
Prasad Vidhate creates Bollywood content with a twist

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Prasad has 222K followers on Instagram as of now with a reach of million views over his reel videos. While he posts on Instagram regularly, the creator also has a YouTube channel that has around 11K subscribers where he posts different content like collaboration posts, YouTube shorts, short films, and more.

Some of the content that he posted received millions of views-

Ranveer Singh’s character of Alauddin Khilji being transformed in a reel as a student

Harshad Mehta character recreated with a twist for Valentine’s day topical content

Shivaji- The Boss character recreated

The scene from 3 idiots recreated as a moral lesson on Women’s Day reel

Marathi Content

Vidhate also creates content in Marathi. The touch of regional language also gives a chance for getting the Marathi audience to the platform.

As the creator continues posting topical content and creating content that’s different than other trending content, it gives hope to see more differentiated content than the same old trends.