BBC Studios and BBC News have jointly announced the global launch of their newly redesigned website and app, aimed at enhancing the digital experience for audiences worldwide. The revamped platforms offer updated design, navigation, and more of the trusted, impartial journalism that the BBC is renowned for.

BBC launches its website and app

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Enhanced Digital Experience

The new and BBC app promise users a premium experience with improved design and navigation. These changes aim to make it easier for audiences to access a wider array of BBC content, including news, sports, culture, innovation, and more.

Unified Content Experience

The BBC app, which replaces the International BBC News app, integrates content from across the BBC for the first time ever. Users can explore stories and videos covering various topics, including Business, Culture, Travel, Earth, and News, all in one place. The app is available for download on both Apple and Android devices.

Commercial Opportunities

Tara Maitra, Chief Commercial Officer at BBC Global Media & Streaming, highlights the commercial potential of the new digital products. The enhanced ad tech capabilities aim to provide advertisers with more opportunities to connect with global audiences in a premium and sustainable manner.

BBC now has a website and an app


Naja Nielsen, Digital Director for BBC News, emphasises the BBC’s commitment to impartial journalism. The new global app and website aim to showcase the world-class journalism of the BBC, catering to the growing demand for trusted news sources worldwide.

Advertising Innovation

Alistair McEwan, SVP Advertising and BBC StoryWorks APAC, discusses the significant enhancements in the digital advertising proposition. The new platforms offer more premium ad units and advanced targeting capabilities, providing marketers with better opportunities to engage with’s audience.

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User-Centric Features

The new and BBC app boast several user-centric features, including a refreshed homepage, curated content sections, extensive video library, live coverage, breaking news alerts, and newsletters. These features aim to provide audiences with a cohesive and engaging digital experience.

Driving Business Results

Research highlighted by the IAB demonstrates the effectiveness of advertising within news content, with consumers showing a positive response to brands that advertise within their preferred news sources. The aggregated performance of advertising on reinforces the positive impact of news-based advertising on consumer behaviour.

BBC’s Digital Transformation and the BBC app represent the latest step in the BBC’s ongoing digital transformation efforts. Supported by investments in regions like North America, including an expanded newsroom, the BBC continues to uphold its public service mission and editorial standards on digital platforms.

The launch of the revamped and BBC app signifies BBC Studios’ and BBC News’ commitment to providing audiences worldwide with a premium digital experience and showcasing the BBC’s trusted journalism on a global scale. With enhanced commercial offerings and user-centric features, the new platforms aim to meet the evolving needs of digital audiences while driving business results for advertisers.