There is a myth surrounding elections that it is only the elderly who are interested in the latest happenings of the process, which is not the case. In a strategic move towards democratising information, Prannoy Roy, former chairperson and founder of NDTV, recently announced his new venture, ‘deKoder.’ The AI-based website and app aims to simplify intricate global issues, ranging from election analyses to significant world events. The election coverage in particular will be made available in various regional languages on the Dekoder app.

Empowering Independent Analysis Through AI Integration

Roy, who resigned from his directorial position at NDTV in November 2022, is focusing on empowering viewers to conduct independent analyses through deKoder’s incorporation of artificial intelligence. The platform’s phased launch, initiated on January 13, 2023, emphasises a systematic and thoughtful approach to its introduction.

Content Accessibility in 15 Indian Languages

Addressing the need for diverse content consumption, deKoder is set to cater to a broad audience by providing content in 15 different Indian languages. This move is intended to make complex issues more accessible and inclusive.

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Inaugural Episode and Mobile-Friendly Adaptation

The platform kicked off its content offerings with an inaugural episode featuring Ruchir Sharma, an investor and author, discussing the top trends of 2024. Notably, deKoder is attuned to the rising trends of mobile consumption in the country, adapting its content by releasing episodes in a vertical format optimized for mobile devices.

AI based dekoder to cover election news in regional language

Strategic Social Media Presence

Recogniz\sing the importance of regional diversity, deKoder launched language-specific handles on Instagram. Users can now follow deKoder Tamil, deKoder Telugu, and deKoder Hindi for content tailored to regional preferences.

YouTube Channel and Subscriber Base

Despite not having an official website, deKoder has already established a presence on YouTube. The official channel, with approximately 8.44 K subscribers, suggests an initial level of interest and engagement with the platform’s content.

As deKoder unfolds its journey, it remains to be seen how the platform will evolve and grow. Roy’s commitment to providing information in multiple languages and leveraging AI for independent analysis positions deKoder as an innovative player in the digital information space.