There are some stories that tuck at the strings of your heart and push you to break your inhibitions. Pragati Vermaa’s story is one such, filled with moments of resilience, creativity, and determination. At just 21 years old, she has not only built a successful career on YouTube but also garnered a massive following and financial success. Despite facing significant health challenges from a young age, Pragati Vermaa turned her difficulties into a source of inspiration and achieved remarkable success in the world of social media.

Know the YouTube Sensation Pragati Vermaa


Early Childhood Struggles

Pragati Vermaa has been battling severe migraine issues since childhood, necessitating continuous medication. These health issues significantly impacted her daily life and education. When preparing for her board exams in 2018, Pragati relied heavily on YouTube for studying, as her headaches often prevented her from attending school. This period was pivotal, as it introduced her to the potential of YouTube, sparking her interest in creating content.

The Beginning of Her YouTube Journey

Pragati’s YouTube journey began at the age of 16, motivated by her early experiences with video editing in the 5th grade. She started creating content across three YouTube channels, gradually building a substantial following. Her initial success was not without challenges; despite having over 100,000 subscribers, Pragati faced technical issues that delayed her earnings. It wasn’t until she amassed 200,000 subscribers that she received her first payment of ₹49,000, a moment that affirmed the financial viability of her efforts.

Pragati Vermaa showed remarkable commitment to her studies and remained strong even as her YouTube career took off. She achieved an impressive 93% in her 12th-grade exams, balancing her academic responsibilities with content creation. 

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Innovation During the Lockdown

The COVID-19 lockdown marked a turning point in Pragati’s content strategy. With more time at home and full support from her family, she began exploring new video concepts, particularly ‘Real Life Challenges.’ These videos resonated with her audience, significantly boosting her popularity and engagement on social media platforms.

Achieving Major Milestones

One of Pragati’s most significant achievements was reaching 10 million subscribers in just eight months after starting a new channel for YouTube Shorts videos. Her relentless work ethic, often sacrificing sleep to produce and edit content, paid off as several of her videos went viral. Today, Pragati boasts over 27 million subscribers across her three YouTube channels and 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

Financial Success and Recognition

At 21, Pragati Vermaa is a successful YouTuber and her stardom has translated into substantial financial rewards. She can afford to take multiple international trips each month with her family, a stark contrast to the criticism and doubt she faced from friends and relatives during her early struggles. 

Pragati Vermaa is one of those creators who literally rose from the dust as a phoenix and her journey from a childhood marked by health challenges to becoming a YouTube sensation earning crores highlights her talent and dedication. It is one of those days where we marvel at the power of this digital industry that has given platform to talented artist like Pragati who have the ability to touch the hearts of the people and entertain them through the screen.