Ankush Bahuguna is a YouTuber, content creator, and influencer on a makeup adventure. You may remember him as the man who introduced many people, including me, to Osho Jain’s ‘Tu Aisa Kaise Hain’ through his ‘Goa Vlog’ video. You may also recognise him as the man behind the Instagram profile, @wingitwithankush who began conducting ‘Instagram Live’ sessions to create makeup looks which has been receiving a lot of attention, lately. Scherezade Shroff’s most recent appearance, which looks a lot like Jacqueline Carlyle from The Bold Type, has been trending on Instagram.

And, if you don’t know who he is yet, let me introduce you to him through his talented and competent set of content. So let’s plunge into Ankush’s profile pool without further ado, shall we? Here are five videos of our very own content creator, who with each new video, earns the rightful influencer position.

1. Tapping Foot on Trends ft. Shazeb Sheikh

The first trait of Ankush for content creation is to tap his foot or lay his hands on trends by adding his own spoon of personality to it. This helps him be discovered by novel viewers and entertain his constants. A win-win strategy is thus executed!

2. Observational Comedy

Next, he makes an observant remark in which he expresses his opinion on a trait, trend, or action and gives it a satirical twist in order to make people laugh. He thus believes in spreading happiness, which is particularly valuable in the current situation and in general, because who doesn’t enjoy laughing?

3. Imitating Actors/Characters

He then moves on to acting, where he is seen imitating actors or characters. His passion for performing and for Bollywood is thus shown in these videos, which elicit a nostalgic response from the viewer. The audience would then either repeat the phrases or share them with friends, asking if anyone would like to watch the series/film again.

4. Vent (Rant) It Out

Would you be annoyed if a popular song became the only thing you heard while scrolling through Instagram? As a result of this, Ankush has created a series of vent, rant, and crib videos in which he uses the relatability factor to discuss any addiction, annoying trend, personality characteristic, or other topic. People not only get to know him better, but they also get an opportunity to be a part of the community, because who else do we complain to if not our closest friends and family members?

5. An Inspiring Role Model

Finally, Ankush positively radiates his audience by sharing videos that break stereotypes, invites everyone to help others, and encourages everyone to be kind to others. He is a sincere person with good intentions who advises his audience in the same way that a good friend would. He has gotten his hands on nearly everything and continues to be a nice human and inspire, whether it is responding to trolls, addressing issues, helping people with covid resources, charity streams, or more.

The traits thus prove Ankush to be one of the booming content creators and influencers, today. We can’t wait to see what he brings to the table next and wish him the best for the same. If you would like to read more about him, don’t forget to check out his feature article by tapping HERE. The feature article will introduce you to his journey and expose you to more content curated by him. So, until my pen writes more for you, do not forget to check it out!