Instagram continues to work on features beneficial to creators on the platform. Recently we discovered that Instagram is working on a Reels Draft, a feature that will allow users to create a draft of reels they’re working on (for more details click here) and also about Bonuses, a new feature that will let creators monetize their content and earn revenue in return. (click here to know more)

In the latest updates Instagram is working on Collaborative Posts. A feature that is aimed at collaborations between the creators. Popular app developer Alessandro Paluzzi even shared on Twitter what the feature will look like.

Invite a Coauthor 

(From the tweeted image) When you invite a coauthor, they can choose to share with their followers. They will also be shown as an author on the post. 

According to recent news, “coauthor” has been renamed as “collaborator”. If the collaborator accepts to share the post then the shared post will be displayed on both the accounts and either of them can manage it. Turns out Collaborative Posts are a way to boost collaborations between the creators in order to support greater reach and engagements. Currently the feature is under work in progress (WIP) and will soon be available to all the creators.