Ankur Warikoo is an Internet Entrepreneur and digital creator. He is also one of the top public speakers in India. A mentor, author, public speaker, investor, and YouTuber, Warikoo is an inspiration to a huge bunch of youth and even adults. We see how Warikoo has a full-fledged successful life but what we don’t see are the struggles and risks he took before this fortunate phase of his life.

As a digital creator, Ankur has been very consistent and communal on his social media. From Instagram reels to YouTube videos, Ankur has been putting his best foot forward and is always trying to make himself and his community better.

Let’s have a look back at Ankur Warikoo’s setbacks and how he overcame them victorious.

Before giving content creation and public speaking his full-time attention, Warikoo was the founder of Although his journey actually started in Oct 2019, i.e. when he stepped down as the CEO of He was just 39 when he decided to do that and wasn’t sure of which direction to go from there.

That’s exactly when he encountered various opportunities to motivate a group of people from several companies. He agreed to those grounds and started charging for the same. He was still creating content at that time but not as passionately as he does now.

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In the early days of 2020, i.e. in March 2020 he was at 14.5k Instagram followers and now the influencer stands at 1.2M followers. Similarly, he just had 7.5k subscribers on YouTube back then, while he has now bagged almost 16 Lakh subscribers. Back in 2020, he was into a financial crisis, I guess we all were, weren’t we?

In those testing times, he still didn’t give up on content creation. He was constantly making content even after the lockdown was announced. The one thing that was worrisome for the influencer was the talk shows he did before the pandemic. Welcoming a friend’s suggestion and moving to the online version, Warikoo took a leap of faith and asked the viewers to pay whatever they wanted to pay. And to his surprise, the online webinar worked way better than he expected.

After that, there has been no looking back for this creator. People have been loving and following his content quite passionately. The book DO EPIC SHIT is loved by a lot of readers. The reviews on various sites have been great. The book is all about principles and alternatives that fueled his journey. This is the kind of book that you suggest to your friends and family.

Ankur Warikoo is undoubtedly shaping a lot of minds to a good pathway. It’s hard to not love his work and dedication towards the digital world and content creation.