In a bold and courageous move, Amrutam, the renowned Ayurvedic Lifestyle Brand, bids farewell to Nykaa, the e-commerce giant, through a heartfelt open letter shared across social media platforms. The letter sheds light on the challenges faced by smaller, homegrown brands within the online marketplace, citing concerns over Nykaa’s policies.

Challenges Faced by Small Brands

Amrutam acknowledges the difficulties posed by hefty commissions and a lack of support for bootstrapped brands on Nykaa’s platform. The brand expresses the sentiment of feeling invisible unless they are large enough to significantly contribute to Nykaa’s financial gains.

Communication Breakdown Post-Nykaa’s IPO

Following Nykaa’s IPO, communication and responsiveness from the platform dwindled, leaving smaller brands seemingly neglected unless they met arbitrary criteria. Amrutam highlights the frustration of being sidelined and overlooked in favour of larger contributors.

Shifting Focus Towards Independence

Despite the pain of parting ways, Amrutam announces a strategic shift in focus towards their platform, By taking control of their distribution channels, Amrutam aims to overcome the limitations imposed by e-commerce giants and provide a more personalised experience to their customers.

Amrutam Nykaa Ayurvedic brand

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Token of Appreciation

In a gesture of gratitude towards their loyal customers, Amrutam offers a token of appreciation in the form of a discount code- BYEBYENYKAA, wherein customers can enjoy a flat 15% off on their website. This gesture not only acknowledges their customers’ support but also strengthens the bond between the brand and its community.

A New Beginning

The open letter reassures the community that this departure from Nykaa is not a final farewell but rather a “see you later on our own terms.” Amrutam invites its supporters to join them on an independent adventure, where integrity, passion, and quality products remain at the forefront.

Embracing Independence with Love and Defiance

Signing off with love and defiance, Amrutam emphasises its unwavering belief in its products and the unwavering support of a community that values authenticity and passion. This move signifies not just a goodbye but a new beginning, as Amrutam takes control of its narrative and continues its journey of delivering quality Ayurvedic products to its dedicated community.

Amrutam’s departure from Nykaa marks a significant shift in the dynamics of the e-commerce landscape, highlighting the challenges faced by smaller brands within the online marketplace. By choosing independence, Amrutam paves the way for a new chapter, one where integrity, passion, and community support reign supreme.