From social media to streaming services, content creators have captivated audiences across various platforms through their creativity, authenticity, and dedication. Their ability to resonate with diverse audiences has not only propelled them to fame but also attracted attention from big brands seeking to leverage their influence. This has enabled content creators to achieve tremendous financial success, helping them realise dreams like owning their own home.

There is a huge interest in the lives of content creators among social media-savvy audiences, especially the youth. Unlike traditional celebrities, creators offer a unique, unfiltered connection with their viewers, creating a sense of relatability. Whether sharing personal experiences, tutorials, or entertainment, these creators have become influential figures, shaping trends and sparking conversations.

Firsts are always special. And when it’s about buying your own home for the first time, there is no feeling better than that. This year we witnessed various creators and influencers buy their first home with their hard work. From Fukra Insaan a.k.a Abhishek Malhan and Triggered Insaan a.k.a. Nischay Malhan to Sarah Sarosh to Nagma Mirajkar to Chandni Babhda, they all made their dream come true.

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Fukra Insaan & Triggered Insaan

The Malhan brothers – Abhishek and Nischay bought a grand home for a whopping Rs. 25 crores! Abhishek took his subscribers on a house tour as he unveiled the stunning interiors and many cool aspects of their home. The tour began with them looking back at their old home where they started their journey from and then took us to their new mansion.

From an in-house gym to a swimming pool with a shower and sauna to a theatre room to a gaming area, to a pooja room, their posh residence has it all. He even made a conversation pit in his home, inspired by the one at Logan Paul’s place. The kitchen has a ‘Dimple’s Kitchen‘ neon sign in it, indicating how this is going to be his mother’s corner. There is an outdoor bar and party area as well.

Their mom Dimple Malhan is an absolute cutie. She has her own YouTube channel called “Dimple Malhan Vlogs” where she is currently sharing interesting details of the making of their brand new house. It’s so heartwarming to see Abhishek and Nischay’s doting mother so happy about her kids gifting her this house!

Nagma Mirajkar

Nagma shared the big news with her followers just a few days ago. She has bought a new 3BHK house for her family through a bank loan. The influencer got emotional while speaking about this. She then gave a peek into her new unfinished home in her YouTube house tour. Nagma is super excited to furnish and decorate the house plus her studio space.

Chandni Bhabhda

A big move for content creator and the Internet’s favourite mimic, Chandni Bhabhda. She has bought her first home under 25 years of age on EMI. Chandni shared the big news in an Instagram post two days ago. “घर ♥️🔑🧿 Buying a house under 25 ✅ Brb paying EMI’s ✌️ #ghar #chandnimimic #chandunegharleliya” she wrote. She posted glimpses of her housewarming pooja.

In a post shared by Instant Bollywood, it is revealed that Chandni’s new house was actually owned by Akshay Kumar previously. People from the industry have been showering her comments section, congratulating her and lauding her achievement at such a young age.

content creators buy first home Chandni Bhabhda mimic actor

Sarah Sarosh

A beauty influencer, YouTuber, and entrepreneur owning businesses, Sarah Sarosh is doing extremely well for herself. And now at the age of 24, she has purchased her first home in Mumbai! Sarah shared the entire process from procuring a home loan to getting possession and setting up her new home plus Sarah Squad Studio in her YouTube video. It’s a 2 BHK apartment on the 31st floor with great sunlight and ventilation, a non-negotiable for her.

This is such a moment of pride for the creator community. We are so proud of and happy for these content creators. Onwards and upwards, guys!