The Internet is obviously our favourite place and yesterday we got reminded why, once again. In a move to break the Internet, the sexual wellness brand Bold Care dropped the most unthinkable ad as a part of their #TakeBoldCareOfHer campaign. It featured Ranveer Singh and guess who, Johnny Sins himself! If you don’t know who Johnny Sins is, go Google him now. 😛 This happens to be his first-ever Indian brand ad.

If this casting was not wild enough, the makers also created the ad as a parody of the melodramatic ‘saas-bahu‘ television serials. In the Bold Care ad, Johnny Sins, who is an adult star, plays the role of a man who faces sexual health issues. As ironic as it gets. The woman playing the role of his wife goes on to reveal this by saying, “His Johnny can’t sin!

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The Internet-Breaking Ad

The advertisement begins with the ‘bahu‘ of the house exiting with her bags packed, signifying a separation from her husband, played by Sins. Ranveer, who plays her brother-in-law, stops her and asks why she is leaving. In a typical Indian TV serial style, she explains that she’s sexually dissatisfied with Sins in front of the entire family, leaving them shocked.

Her mother-in-law responds to this by slapping her in an over-the-top fashion, again reminiscent of melodramatic TV serials. The slap results in her falling off the first floor. While she’s falling, Ranveer throws a pack of ‘Bold Care‘ towards Johnny. In a hilarious sequence, Johnny Sins swallows the pill and catches her in mid-air. He leaves his partner satisfied even before the duo lands.

Everything happens in a matter of nano-seconds, which ultimately makes the ‘bahu‘ change her mind about leaving the house. The overdramatic background music and the slow-motion scenes add the essential Indian TV serial element to the commercial. Talk about epic, right?

Bold Care men's sexual health wellness brand awareness campaign ad ranveer singh johnny sins parody indian tv serial

The Minds Behind It

Wish to create something completely fresh and way out of the box? Trust Tanmay Bhat and his team to get the job done. After having proved their mettle, especially with the series of CRED ads, this powerhouse of a team revealed that they worked on the ‘Bold Care‘ project.

Vishal DayamaPuneet ChadhaDevaiah Bopanna, and Deep Joshi wrote this iconic ad. It is directed by the legendary Aiyappa of Earlyman Films’. Karan Malhotra elevated the campaign by adding the crucial Indian TV series’ music to the ad.

Every time this team assembles together, they create something so witty, hilarious, and a bit dark. Going out of their way to ensure they dish out something unique that has never been done before, is their forte.

About Bold Care

Bold Care’s campaign marks a pivotal moment in the history of Indian brand campaigns. It spoke to men who have long suffered from sexual health concerns in silence due to the embarrassment of fear and judgement. As their website suggests, they offer ‘solutions for the modern man who wants to get more out of life’ which are trusted by over 15 lakh Indian men.

With this campaign, Bold Care wants to normalise the conversation around men’s sexual health. This approach by the brand aims to change how society discusses men’s sexual health issues and highlight how common they are but at the same time, very easy to solve. Bold Care is all about the Indian man rediscovering the confidence he needs to feel complete.

Bold Care men's sexual health wellness brand awareness campaign products ad ranveer singh johnny sins

“Be it your sex life, your looks or health, we help you approach life with confidence. Our solutions and products are backed by experts and scientific bodies. We know what you want, and we have the solution you need. Rest assured, our products are safe, healthy and backed by a panel of expert doctors” assures the brand.

From The Co-Founders

Rajat Jadhav, co-founder, Bold Care, said, “With #TakeBoldCareofHer, we want to address the stigma around men’s sexual health in India. Our aim has always been to be the category creators in this space and initiate open conversations around sexual health. We’re here to help men overcome their sexual health issues by providing science-backed solutions.” 

Another interesting thing to note is that Ranveer Singh is also the co-Founder of Bold Care. Talking about his intent with the brand he shared, “I’m here with sincere intent to use my influence for raising awareness and making a positive impact. The Bold Care campaign is more than talk; it’s a mission that I am deeply connected to, and I am here to bring a change in how we address men’s sexual health, aiming for tangible solutions and millions of lives impacted all across the country.

Netizens React

Needless to say, the ad drew a lot of attention and it is being constantly talked about on the Internet. Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins have been trending on Google ever since the ad dropped yesterday. Several netizens pointed out that never in their wildest imaginations had they thought of watching something like this, calling it the ‘biggest crossover‘.

MCU: Avengers Endgame is the most ambitious crossover event in history. Ranveer Singh: Hold my beer,” commented one user on Ranveer Singh’s post. Another even felt that Ranveer and Johnny coming together was bigger than Deadpool teaming up with Wolverine. Several actors and creators also cracked up over that ad in the comments while also lauding Ranveer for speaking up about men’s sexual issues.

Another user expressed his eagerness by demanding more parts of the commercial asking, “Where is episode 2?”It’s only Feb of 2024 and we already have this COLLAB that nobody expected,” wrote another user on X. A third said, “I imagined Ranveer Singh in the daily soap of Ekta Kapoor But Johnny Sins Was Never In My Wildest Dream Another Level Advertising.”

Some even expressed their disappointment with the commercial. An X user wrote, “Wth was this and why did I watch this clip???? Johnny Sins doing a desi commercial with Ranveer Singh?

Bold Care is creating the easiest way for Indian men to get straightforward, authentic and effective solutions for their sexual health concerns. The brand skillfully tackles the issue at hand, normalizing it through hilarious sequences, and presents a scientifically proven solution. What did you think of this unique ad? Let us know in the comments below.