The YouTube sensation and choreographer, Sonali Bhaduria uploads her first BTS Vlog of ‘Ramta Jogi.’ Enticing the viewers with two teasers on Instagram, the video was finally dropped at 6 pm on YouTube.

Sonali Bhaduria

Fans have always been keen on knowing Sonali’s day-to-day life. With this vlog, their wish has finally come true!

The vlog included her whole day routine which included breakfast, Mama Earth’s skincare routine, costume shopping, makeup, styling, and dance bloopers. It was definitely entertaining watching her antics throughout the day, especially her interaction with her assistant-dancer Asha Dsouza, dancer Pooja Parmar, videographer Vikas Gorule and hairstylist Amee Gala. Other than her, Bubbles, her pet dog stole the limelight whenever it showed up. Such cuteness!

For all the curious people out there, she finally revealed her make-up artist! Guess who? It’s none other than Sonali herself! It might come as a surprise to some but it seems like she’s more than self-sufficient. The ‘one-woman army’ suits her, isn’t it?

I could surely see the excitement of her first vlog in the video itself. Oh! She didn’t even refrain from revealing her being ‘hangry’ secret and was always in her cheerful mood for the whole three hours. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the end though, showing her teasing side to her mates.

Damn, I’m already missing out on her charming call of “hair, blower and music dada” to Amee. I’m certainly excited for her next vlog and dance video! If you want to know more, just watch the vlog till the end. Sorry no sorry, no more secrets!