We love the Internet. It sure is a magical place where you’re allowed to dream as big as you like. It has definitely made the world a smaller place by connecting people across corners. We’ll take you through one such story in today’s article. A post on X (formerly Twitter) changed the life of a 13-year-old Parisian boy named Milan.

Milan is an amazing artist at his age. Even though he struggles with attention disorders, he sketches extremely well. Two months ago, his mother, Louise Odessa, from Paris, shared pictures of Milan’s drawings on X. Inspired by the French luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, he sketched stylish pieces with the brand’s monogram. The drawings featured a high-top Louis Vuitton trainer, a tracksuit, high-heeled shoes, and an innovative women’s dress design.

Louise had shared Milan’s interpretation of Louis Vuitton’s apparel in the hope of getting him a chance to work with the company as a gift for his birthday which falls on December 14. She believed that posting his illustrations online would aid in landing him acclaim. The Internet did its thing and her post and his drawings went viral on social media.

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A Mother Fulfilling Her Son’s Dream

In her post, the mother spoke about how she really wants to find a 3rd-year internship for her teenager son. She wants to nurture Milan’s creative talents and knew that he wouldn’t want to intern at ‘just any [fashion] house‘.  She wrote, “Hello @LouisVuitton My son is just a little bit, a lot, passionate about your brand and leather. He is also very good at Photoshop on a graphics tablet for his creations and plans to do a professional baccalaureate and bts in fashion professions.”

Louise further added, “I have never seen him as amazed as the day he introduced me to your exhibition in front of the Samaritaine, he knew a lot about the partnerships and the history of Louis Vuitton 🥹 Could you allow him a short one-week OBSERVATION course or tell me how to proceed please? It’s his birthday on December 14th. Please please please 🙏🏻

Milan sketches drawings Louise Odessa Louis Vuitton internship viral X post
Daily Mail

Lo and behold! The pictures of Milan’s sketches were picked up by French journalist Marie Gentric, who appealed to Louis Vuitton to assess the teen’s drawings. According to Highsnobiety, once the brand got a hint of the boy’s budding talent and potential, Louis Vuitton went ahead and offered him a week-long observational internship in December.

Now more than ever, landing a job in the fashion industry is no easy feat, given its lucrative nature. The competition is fierce. There are universities around the globe dedicated to teaching the different aspects of design and consumer psychology. With the rise of social media and fashion influencers, people are more conscious of fashion trends, leading to a higher demand for unique and innovative representation.

Landing this internship with the luxury brand will definitely open up many doors for Milan. Upon completing the internship, he shared his experience with French news outlet BFMTV. The young artist said, “I felt more at ease there than at school, after two days. I really felt in my community. It is magic. For me, it’s the beginning of life.” He added that he created sketches and a briefcase design as per Louis Vuitton’s vision.

Milan sketches drawings Louis Vuitton internship suitcase design
Daily Mail

After the whirlwind experience, Louise took to X and said, “Thank you so much for my son. I’m so proud of him. ‘Please if you read me here… BELIEVE IN YOU! BELIEVE TO YOUR DREAMS! ALL IS POSSIBLE!’” Don’t we all love it when the Internet wins? This entire incident is so wholesome – right from a 13-year-old envisioning bringing his passion to life to his mother trying her best to fulfil her son’s dream to the netizens making his sketches viral to Milan actually landing that internship with Louis Vuitton!

We look forward to seeing more brilliant work from this super talented young boy.