Looking for a job can be one of the most tedious processes to go through where standing out from the herd of applicants is crucial. It’s called ‘Job Hunting’ for a reason. Having your CV reach the hands of the Hiring Manager is a task in itself, let alone getting an interview. But when you have a skillset so unique that automatically sets you apart, you are bound to get noticed.

This is exactly what happened with a LinkedIn user, Rohit Sethia, who aspires to be a copywriter. For any copywriter, a dream workplace would be one that rewards unique thinking and creativity. And what better place than the creative powerhouse, Swiggy! Rohit created a masterpiece in the form of a quirky 11-page deck that according to him proved why he is the perfect fit for the brand.

This Kolkata boy ditched the traditional approach of echoing his virtues and networking with hundreds of recruiters on the platform. Instead, he took a different route, filling his pitch with side-splitting reasons why he’s the Chuck Norris of copywriting. Sethia’s 11-page application ended up catching the attention of not just social media users but also Swiggy’s Assistant Manager, Devanshi Dhingra. His post was also noticed by Prateek Bajpai, the Product Marketing Manager at Swiggy.

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In a world where job seekers are often lost in a sea of conventional resumes, Rohit’s approach to job hunting has gone viral. Brimming with humour and creativity, his unconventional pitch kicked off with a greeting to Swiggy and a direct tag to Devanshi Dhingra. She herself acknowledged the standout application, promising to get back to him.

Rohit Sethia Swiggy application linkedin post comments devanshi dhingra

The Pitch

In a world where job seekers are often lost in a sea of conventional resumes, Rohit’s approach to job hunting has gone viral. Sethia’s pitch is a masterclass in self-promotion, blending wit with his professional aspirations. Brimming with humour and creativity, his unconventional pitch on LinkedIn skips the usual formalities, diving straight into his unique selling points.

He begins with a bold statement, “Copywriter hungry for Swiggy!” immediately setting the tone for what’s to follow. In a clever twist, he admits to not following Swiggy’s competitor Zomato, only to reveal that he does so now to keep note of the competition.

Rohit Sethia Swiggy job application pitch deck

He described himself as funny and an aspiring stand-up comedian while sharing a picture with Anubhav Singh Bassi. Sethia then showcases his ability to stay on top of internet trends, a crucial skill in the fast-paced world of digital marketing. His LinkedIn post, with a direct tag to Devanshi Dhingra, is almost like a challenge to Swiggy: “Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider me! Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

One of the eye-grabbing assertions in Sethia’s pitch is his claim of a screen time exceeding 7 hours, emphasising its potential benefits for staying up-to-date with and never missing out on any trends – yet another essential skill. He wraps up his presentation with a cheerful quip of a Bengali baba, playfully bringing attention to his Kolkata origins.

The Reactions

Rohit’s LinkedIn post quickly gained traction, with numerous likes and comments pouring in from users who appreciated his creativity and humour. The post’s popularity can be attributed to Sethia’s unique approach to the traditionally formal job application process. One user commented, “Slide 1-10: Why should they hire you. Slide 11: Why should they definitely hire you!” Another praised Sethia’s pitch, stating, “Top-notch creativity, must say.

One user simply exclaimed, “This is gold.” Another user commented, “Had a good laugh on a Monday morning.” “Hahaha, that’s on a different level. Swiggy, you’re going to have a tough time rejecting this guy, and not to forget the consequence,” a third user remarked. A fourth user added, “10 on 10 for the approach. 10 on 10 for the effort. Creativity I’ll give you 8 out of 10.

But it didn’t end there. He followed up on his application by reminding Devanshi that his portfolio is sitting in her mail, waiting to be reviewed. To which someone commented, “Follow up aisa likho ki char logo aur follow kare nice 🙌” Another user pointed out what a cool strategy Rohit has deployed. He said “I saw your first job application post and that’s a very smart approach man. Organic content when drafted and delivered strategically can work wonders and your post is the proof.

When Swiggy Reached Out

This hilarious yet creative exchange has got us hooked. We are totally rooting for Rohit, he definitely seems to fit Swiggy’s ‘creative genius‘ bill. Eager to know what happens next, we did some digging. An Instagram page, “byoooob” collaborated with Rohit to create a post that suggests unhelpful ways on ‘how to go viral.’ The pages also has a broadcast channel called “sounding booooord” where they happened to discuss Rohit’s killer application and took a poll on what he should do.

Should Rohit take up a job with Swiggy, should he apply to other agencies leveraging his current virality or should he work with Swiggy while moonlighting with other agencies? Most voted for the third option. When asked if Swiggy reached out to him, Rohit mentioned that a hiring personnel wrote him a mail and asked him to submit a copy test. He found that to be a ‘moye moye‘ moment.

Some of the channel participants found that bizarre since Rohit already proved his mettle with that stellar application that turned him into an Internet sensation. Another user mentioned that the brand might have shared the copy test to test him on their parameters, saying it is a fair thing to do. Well, either way, we would love to see Rohit create some amazing work in the near future, wherever he chooses to work!