The one thing that music lovers on the Internet can’t get enough of is the mashup of their favourite songs that give birth to a whole new melody they can’t stop tripping on. Ever since the boom of social media platforms in recent years, we have come across quite a few artists who immerse themselves in various musical genres so well that they can pick and recognize which two songs could work even better as one single melody.

Yashraj Mukhate and Mayur Jumani can be called prime examples of music composers/producers trying to have fun with music. Either through existing old and new melodies or picking from pop culture moments and creating a whole new one. While every musician has a distinct style, in today’s article, we explore the current Instagram sensation – Gravero‘s music!

Sourav Ray is a phenomenal musician who goes by the name Gravero. He is an upcoming music producer from Kolkata, India who creates fabulous mashups that are at times even better than the original individual songs. Gravero has also been featured on BBC Asian Network and is supported by many well-known artists such as Nucleya, The Chainsmokers, Justin Prime, and many more.

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Pushing boundaries with his unique sound, Gravero is an up-and-coming music artist you don’t want to miss. His understanding of music is unique and something that sets him apart from other artists. His beats have a great vibe to them and his lyrics are also clever and thought-provoking, making for a great listening experience. As his bio suggests, “I make people cry at 3am“, his heartbreak mashups are the most popular.

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He has been praised by many for his ability to merge different genres together in a way that sounds natural and enjoyable to listen to. With recently crossing over 400k followers on his Instagram, he has also built a community with 1.13 M subscribers on his main YouTube channel. Gravero has 3 more channels on YouTube namely, Gravero Shorts, Simpvero, and VeroPop India. The third channel is essentially an Independent Record Label which is “by the Artists – for the Artists.”

Let’s take you through some of his musical journey’s highlights:

His Viral Mashups

If you have been recently flooded with reels on your page using the trending audio Let Her Go x Husn mashup, you should know that the masterpiece was created by Gravero! His audio has garnered 12.6 M views and is a part of almost 300K reels. He heard “Husn” by Anuv Jain when it came out and instantly fell in love with it, especially the lyrics.

Anuv himself liked this rendition and appreciated him. Gravero expressed in his caption, “‘Bhai, ladkiya aisi hi hoti hai, they leave anyway’ is a tired excuse. This song reminded me that love is a two-way street. My actions mattered, and I owe it to myself to learn from the past. Sometimes, we gotta look inward and see what we brought to the table too. Time for reflection.

From ‘Night Changes x Ajab Si‘ to ‘Under The Influence x Harleys In Hawaii‘ to ‘Judaai x Aise Kyun‘ to ‘Death Bed x Appa Fer Milaange‘, majority of his mashups cross millions of views and are loved by people across. This just goes to show the depth at which he understands music and his passion to create something that will resonate with the masses.

His Originals

Kitaab” happens to be Gravero’s first original. Released in 2022, the song represents one’s life containing different chapters. All chapters can be different and varying from each other but it plays their role in telling your story. The song produced by Gravero and Happy Pills and written and sung by Dikshaant reflects the sweet essence of new romance as the smell of a new page of a book and the excitement to read the next chapter.

Last year Gravero released his Debut EP titled “Khidki” under his own imprint VeroPop India. He dropped the lead track “Safar” which looks hopeful and energetic.

[What is an EP? EP stands for “extended play“. It’s a collection of songs that’s longer than a single but shorter than a full album. EPs are a good option for new artists because they can showcase their music without committing to a full-length album.]

Next came “Dooriyan” which was titled India’s biggest “Heartbreak Anthem.” This soulful song is the second track from his EP ‘Khidki.

Gravero then dropped a surprise version of the widely loved song “Lamhey” with musician Anubha Bajaj. This 1-minute long version was released on New Year’s and is available to all.

And the latest offering from the ace musician is his newest single “Raabta“. He released this track in honour of crossing 400K followers on Instagram while thanking everyone for supporting independent music.

His Achievements

Gravero’s Spotify wrapped up his year as an artist. Those numbers are a testament to his talent. Overwhelmed by all the love he’s received, he wrote, “Your support fuels my passion, and I’m ready to bring you an even grander musical experience in 2024. Stay tuned for an explosion of emotions, melodies, and the power of music to connect us all. Keep the love Coming

2023 definitely proved to be a fruitful year for him as he also received the coveted Golden Play Button from YouTube for crossing 1 Million subscribers on his channel. Gravero mentioned how he had always dreamed of this moment when watching other YouTubers unbox their plaque, waiting for the day he gets to do it too.

And now, as I finally unbox it myself, a flood of emotions rushes over me. I’m transported back in time, remembering all the hours of hard work and determination that brought me to this very moment. The late night overthinkings, the endless hours spent refining my ideas, the sheer effort that went into making this dream a reality – it was all worth it. Because here I am, holding this glorified box, proof that hard work truly does pay off,” he said.

The Beginning

What happens to be one of the first original compositions by Gravero to get out there on the Internet, “We Are Young” is a song where the musician collaborated with artist Matt Zaney.

Here’s what he had to say about the song, ”We Were Young” which expresses his life deeply. “Love is not an easy task at all. In the end, one man is ruined and we are destined to face parting one day. Time passes and everyone changes. But no one can forget about their first love. This song describes a story about a Boy who still loves a girl to whom he used to love since when they were young.

In this song, the protagonist relishing the moment by remembering those days when they used to spent time together and how lost they were in love with each other. Sadly, the boy and girl are not together. But they still do care about each other and wish, they could bring back the time and fix all the mistakes that they did before.”

Gravero’s journey is proof that with talent, passion, hard work, and dedication, you can achieve all that you dream of so keep at it and the success will be yours. We really look forward to vibing to many more viral mashups and originals from this Gen Z musician in the future. Keep it coming, Gravero!