About the LGBTQ+ community

LGBTQ+ is an acronym that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. The LGBTQ+ community generally celebrates pride, diversity, sexuality, and individuality. The Indian Constitution stands in full support of the people but the questions and suppressions are still arising.

Although the Instagram Influencers don’t hesitate at all to express their identities and to put their creative selves in front educating and influencing their audiences. These influencers design a unique way of explaining the unity in the community and empowering it at the same time.

People of this community have been through various kinds of discrimination, suppression, and inequality. Standing tall through all of it, these people have created a world of their own and have earned a lot of respect.

What is Article 377?

Article 377 prohibited sexual activities that are “against nature’s order.” The law not only invaded the private spaces of the people but also contradicted articles 14, 15, and 21. Regardless, Article 377 was decriminalized on 6TH September 2018 after a long battle and struggle by the LGBTQ+ community.

Although our society still isn’t very accepting and still discriminates against the community. These Instagram influencers or digital creators are voicing their opinions and putting their real selves out. They are breaking stereotypical thinking and societal norms. They not only create content and use their creativity up to the fullest but also educate their audience.

Here’s a list of LGBTQ+ creators that are woke and upfront

Sushant Divgikr

With the pronouns He/She/They, Sushant is a model, actor, VJ, and LGBTQIA+ activist. He has won Mr. Gay India in 2014 and has also represented India at Mr. Gay World. Being very active on social media, Sushant has quite a following of almost 1.6M. He is very popular for his character “Rani KoHEnur.”

Priyanka Paul

Priyanka is a poet, storyteller, and content creator. The 22-year old creator is well-known for her social and political advocacy and justice on grounds of caste and gender identities. She has achieved global recognition for her artworks that are quite expressive and reflective.

Dr. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju

Trinetra is a well-known content creator with almost 230k followers on Instagram and her pronouns are She/Her. She educates her audience and raises awareness about gender identity and sexuality, etc. through her YouTube videos. Having collaborated with influencers like Srishti Dixit and Kusha Kapila she has done quite remarkable work on social media.

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Alex Mathew

Alex aka Maya is an LGBTQ+ activist and an influencer as well as a singer and a drag queen. He uses his social media for queer advocacy. Sharing his own experiences and adding more perspective to the content he shares. His pronouns are He/She.

Alok Menon

They identify themselves as Transfeminine and they are also an author, poet-comedian, and a speaker. They have been featured in leading channels like CNN, HBO, etc. They’ve also walked the ramp for various fashion brands and have been featured in Vogue and Bust Magazine.