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With the onset of BTS’ ‘Permission to Dance’ dance challenge on YouTube Shorts, YouTube has been flooded with videos! The BTS army surely outdid themselves. YouTube isn’t the only platform where BTS’ craze is raging.  There has been a massive amount of Reels on Instagram too! If you’re wondering, ‘Permission to Dance’ has a total number of 228K Reels.

Let’s have a peek at the 10 best Reels on BTS’ ‘Permission to Dance’:

1. Varun Dhawan

2. Shantanu Maheshwari

3. Benazir Yusuf Shaikh

4. Ajeesh Krishna

5. Keshav

6. Aneesah Ukani

7. Jodi Anoorabh

8. Tanya Sharma

9. The Kings

10. ABCD Dance Factory

Are you tapping your feet after watching these Reels? I wouldn’t blame you if you did. Well, the song is amazing and the creators literally hypnotised us with their crazy moves! So, how can you not dance? Haha! If you haven’t hopped on the trend yet, then just rush and show your steps now! To know more about ‘Permission to Dance’, tap on BTS’ ‘Permission to Dance’ Co-Written By Ed Sheeran Trending #3 on YouTube.