James Hobson is an engineer and a video creator who is famous for his YouTube channel Hacksmith Industries (formerly the Hacksmith). Hacksmith Industries take fictional ideas from movies, video games & comics, and make real working prototypes! The YouTube channel believes in showing that anything is possible with science. They show everything right from the engineering process to the final product. While we are on the subject of making fictional ideas reality. Let’s have a look at the best videos of Hacksmith Industries. Our top picks.

Hacksmith Industries


If lightsabers are real then “May the Force Be With You”


An unbreakable box full of money vs The Hacksmith. A battle worth witnessing!

Captain America Wakandan Shield BUILD

If you have ever wondered what building Cap’s shield is like. This video is a must watch.

Tungsten Thor’s Hammer

If The Hacksmith is worthy enough to build it. Then he is definitely worthy enough to wield it!

Learning to Fly Like IRON MAN!

If flying like Iron Man has ever been your fantasy then this video is for you!

Electromagnetic Captain America Shield

Definitely one of the coolest videos on YouTube and an absolute treat for Marvel fans.

Thanos Sword Build!

Seeing one of the most lethal weapons of the MCU being built is nothing but awesome! 

World’s BRIGHTEST Flashlight?

Of course! We did see this video coming from someone as bright as James.

Making the Bulletproof Frying Pan from PUBG

We only hope that never ever there comes a situation when we actually find the need for one.

We Made Every Batarang Ever

Batman and Batarangs. One of the coolest love stories ever but the video is even cooler!

If you enjoyed watching these, make sure to check out Hacksmith Industries for more awesome videos!