YouTube India’s comedy king and vine lord Ashish Chanchlani returned with a blast on his channel with a new video “THE MUMMY RETURNS”. Uploaded on May 8th ahead of Mother’s Day (9th May) the video is an ode to all the mothers across the world, of course in Ashish Chanchlani’s comedic way.

Fans of Ashish (ACVians) have shown an explosion of love for the latest video. Ashish took to his Instagram to express his gratitude for all the appreciation his video has garnered. In less than 24 hours the video gained over a million likes and a staggering 9 MILLION VIEWS!!
Needless to say it even became #1 Trending video on YouTube.

‘The Mummy’ who is among the well renowned characters on the channel has a separate fanbase. Similar to all videos the love for this one was not hidden by the meme lords of the world. We’ll share a couple of them with you:

Filled with hilarious anecdotes, relatable situations, funny one liners and a small emotional message. You should be definitely watching this video with your family. Now we don’t wish to spoil it for you, so now Go and WATCH!