Shorts is a YouTube feature similar to Instagram Reels and Snapchat’s Spotlight, both of which were popularised by TikTok. It includes videos that are under 60 seconds duration. Shorts allows users to upload videos either through the app or by adding the hashtag “#Shorts” in the caption.
YouTube recognises that people are gravitating toward short-form videos and has created a $100 million fund to compete with Snapchat and Instagram. As a result, it invites more influencers and content creators to use the site, increasing its popularity.

The fund, after launching in the coming months, will pay the creators in this and the next year. The new fund, according to YouTube, will pay out thousands of dollars each month to creators whose videos on Shorts garner the most views. Shorts will start to test adverts, according to the streaming video site.

TikTok has surely left a trend behind and all the applications and platforms are trying their best to get their hands on the same. Platforms have, furthermore, used creator funds to seek additional consumers as the market for short video features grows increasingly competitive. Similarly, users who publish high-quality content on Spotlight are awarded $1 million (approximately Rs. 7 crores) per day.