Day 1 of the Vivo V30e Social Nation is LIT!! The day is lined up with some of your favourite creators and fans. With excitement in the air and love in their hearts, this is a chance for fans to meet their digital stars & witness them perform LIVE.  

Giving to Yahya Bootwala – “A Magician Of Words”

The moment Yahya Bootwala stepped on the stage, he stole the show. With his surreal choice of words, he had a profound impact on the audience. The crowd simply couldn’t contain their excitement as he put his poetic pieces out in the open. Asia’s Largest Creator Festival has had its share of wisdom when it comes to words, all thanks to Yahya and his wonderful act. 

Mix And Mingle Gone Right! 

Yahya met up with his fans with welcoming smiles, “post-worthy” clicks, and compelling conversations. The storytelling wizard was unbelievably down-to-earth and enthralling when greeted in person. Day 1 at the Social Nation Fest has been giving its crowd an adrenaline rush that they didn’t even know they had been craving!

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Breaking a leg with his snug and handsome look.

The red carpet unrolled the poet walking in a refreshing black-and-white striped sweatshirt. The fit went with his soft, cheerful, and heartwarming vibe. Now if you witnessed this sight, you’d understand just why the audience went gaga about it. 

Yahya Bootwala performs at Social Nation Festival

With some of the biggest creators from around the world gracing the stage, attendees can expect a whirlwind of excitement, entertainment, and enlightenment. So if you haven’t already booked your tickets for Day 2. Don’t live in FOMO! Get your tickets for Day 2 now from ZomatoLive.