Hello! Social Nation is back with a fresh video podcast series – The Social Nation Show! Streaming now on Spotify and YouTube, it’s produced by the best in the biz, Pod.One. The Social Nation Show brings real stories behind the top content creators of India. After 5 insightful episodes, we’re back with the sixth one featuring the multi-talented actor, writer, poet, and anchor: Yahya Bootwala! You can’t miss it!

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Episode 6

In our previous episode, we got the chance to learn about the popular musical boy band and content creators, The 9TEEN. They spilt the beans on their inspirations, viral trends, and AI integration in the music industry. Next up, we have the most underrated yet most affectionate poet, writer, and artist: Yahya Bootwala!

Everybody knows he writes poems and shayaris, but do you know when he started it all or who inspired him to be a leading writer? His ex? Of course not! “Har koi thodi apna dil tudvane me expert hota hai tumhari tarah!” Let’s delve into this and understand how destiny led Yahya down this path!

“Accidental” Beginnings

Yahya Bootwala believes that the best experiences in life are unplanned. His entry into the world of poetry and performing has happened by chance, starting from his post-graduation theatre involvement and job transition. This shows that life’s wonderful moments can occur without any prior notice. “Life mein jo sabse haseen chheze aapke saath hoti hai wo Accidental hi hoti hai!” says Yahya.

How It All Began!

Yahya’s career kicked off after graduation. While juggling theatre and a job, he faced a crossroads that led him to pursue his passion for writing and performing full-time. This transition marked the beginning of his journey as a spoken word artist, turning his passion into a profession.

First Gig Vibes Ki Kahani, Yahya Ki Zubani!

His first-ever show was surreal for him. Yahya remembers being greeted by a very supportive crowd. That moment fueled his love for live performances and paved the way for his spoken-word career. “My first performance felt like a dream! I was welcomed with a mic and an extremely enthusiastic crowd. The moment built an opportunity and made me comfortable to express my content openly, and helped me to develop love for live performances for my potential career as an spoken word artist.”

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Appreciating Honesty

Initially, Yahya didn’t prioritise social media. He felt that regardless of people’s understanding of art, they always appreciate honesty. For him, being genuine was more important than mastering the social media game, and focusing on making authentic connections with his audience rather than follower counts. “Earlier.. mai Social Media ko itna tawajjo nai deta tha, kyunki I’ve realised this about people ki unko kala ki samaj ho na ho, unko imaandari ki samajh zarur hai.”

LIVE Performances Or Social Media Interactions?

Yahya prefers LIVE shows over social media interactions. He believes performing LIVE creates a more genuine connection with the audience, which also allows him to engage deeply and share his work in a more intimate and impactful manner, making it an experience to remember for all.

Thoughts On Being Nervous, Relevant, And Viral

“I always feel nervous before my performance. One of his comedian friends viewed that, “If you are nervous about/before the performance, it means you have respect for it.” Yahya said, “Nervousness drives me to prepare thoroughly, ensuring I meet high standards every time I go on stage.”

He also believes in focusing on the authenticity of his content rather than being in a race to chase viral trends. He stresses that true credibility and long-lasting impact come from being genuine and honest in your craft and content, which will help you build a more loyal and engaged audience.

My Inspirations Are…

Yahya gets inspiration from poets such as Sahir Ludhianvi, Gulzar Sahab, Mirza Galib, and Zakir Khan. Their deep writing and powerful performances encourage him, inspiring him to use their work to improve his own, making sure that his poetry deeply connects with his audience.

Music Insights

“When it comes to music, I’m all about Bollywood tunes, especially anything by Arijit Singh and Atif Aslam. Their songs really speak to me. I also have a soft spot for the creative vibes of Coke Studio albums; they always leave me inspired. These musical preferences definitely influence my poetry, giving it a lyrical quality that pulsates in my performances,” revealed Yahya.

Want To Perceive “Spoken Word Artistry”?

It is essential to keep learning continuously. Even Yahya promotes reading extensively about poets and their works to stay informed. This ongoing education helps him understand the rich history of poetry and also helps him to contribute honesty to his field.

Where Can You Watch The Social Nation Show?

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