Be it a stressful day at work, or a happy moment filled with excitement, everyone resonates with good music. Vipasha Malhotra like no other has won the hearts of not only Indians but has also fanned out her reach throughout the globe.

A talented all-in-one Musician, Stand-up comedian, and Writer popular for her unplugged songs and covers that can touch everyone’s heart. Vipasha proves to be a packet of energy, popular for her lively and energetic content. 

A music creator who increases the level of energy in all of her musical pieces. Her content is definitely ‘anytime anywhere’ music.  She has a strong presence on digital platforms, shares a special relationship with her followers, and makes them a part of her personal life by sharing content that people can relate to.

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Vipasha has been posting music and comedy content for the past 5 years but when the pandemic hit she became even more consistent. She makes musical comedy, re-writes songs, comedy sketches, and much more.

Popular as the girl who sang the Hindi version of the popular song, Runway. The musician won everyone’s heart and even left the original artist – Aurora impressed.

Vipasha also has a Youtube channel named – Vipasha Malhotra where she uploads covers of various songs. Her Youtube and Instagram showcase her diverse journey.

Vipasha has often experimented with many genres and languages, singing Hindi covers of English songs. Her Hindi cover of Sia’s Cheap Thrills titled Sasti Masti was a hit nearly five years ago.

Her profile is a healthy reminder for everyone for body positivity melting numerous hearts online.