Varun Verma came into Splitsvilla and was highly recognised. Varun has gained a huge fan following due to his amazing physique and the killer model looks, he gained instant recognition after he participated In The 15th Season Of Roadies “Roadies X5: Rising” As A Contestant.

He first came Into the limelight after winning The Mr. India Perfect Body National Competition In 2016. He Was Listed As “One Of The Most Desirable Men Of 2017” By The Times Of India.recognized

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Looking at his history, we get an understanding of his journey where he has worked as a software developer in a Multinational Company when he was informed about Mr. India contest and he decide to leave his well-settled job life to follow his heart and voila! Varun ended up winning the title.

He is a perfect example for anyone who wants to focus and follow their heart.

Varun won millions of hearts with his outstanding performance when he participated in Roadies Rising Journey. He has shared an insight into his journey of roadies on his youtube channel – Varun Verma.

The perfect fitness lover’s duo – Varun and Saloni.

Saloni is a media influencer. She has her blog page – “Saloni Sehra” where she shares DIY, Skincare tips and tricks, and working towards a healthier lifestyle. Saloni likes to take great care of her health and resorts to daily exercise and healthy food habits to keep her body fit and healthy.

They are here to give major fitness couple goals!

Varun enlightens his followers about measures that should be taken towards painting a healthy lifestyle and helps everyone to stay fit. Managing time in today’s world is a tedious task but putting correct efforts and working towards a goal together would help you to become a better version of yourself – Mentally and Physically.

Maintaining a positive mindset can help you live a healthy life. He participates in selfless acts, where he spends a day and donate donates food as kindness toward the needful. Positive thinking doesn’t mean keeping your head in the clouds and naively ignoring life’s unpleasant situations. It just means that you approach such situations more positively and productively.

Participating in such acts brings pleasure, and following a healthy lifestyle are some of the ways of boosting a positive attitude towards life.

Varun is an inspiration to many and has strongly believed in himself and has worked hard today to reach his goals and has achieved all his targets at a young age. We hope he continues inspiring people like this.